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day 15 - fri - a world of possibility
day 15 - fri
* links for luke & jenn
* link for the movie

arrived in Rotorua - leaving after the morning milkinh. I bought petrol & stopped at the bank.

My USA check still hasn't cleared. This is a tiny bit frustrating b/c it means I am continuing to use my credit card. My hope is to use it as little as possible. I did drop off my first paycheck. That will be available in about 5 days - so that will def help!

bank: check
petrol: check (though I'll prolly fill up sunday before I head back)
postcards: check (sort of)
stamps: check
hat: check
gloves: check
and a few other things.

when I was @ the place I bought the gloves I started talking with the guy who showed me the selection. He & his partner are into all sorts of outdoor activities. After a bit more talking & directions to an internet place (YAY!) I headed out.

To my surprise I was offered a room in their apartment to stay for the next 2 nights while I was in rotorua. 2 new friends - luke & jenn.

Jenn taught a dance class with her mom that night so luke took me to the spa & pools down the street. It was so nice! It's all natural hot water - AND outside under the stars!

Then pizza with Jenn & the movie 'the dark crystal' ( even if I did fall asleep in the middle - good thing I've seen it).

I do think people in NZ tend to be more open & nicer from first than US. I also think it doesn't hurt that I'm from overseas - people tend to (not always) be a bit more welcoming to people from overseas who are visiting. I think partially from the intrigue & partially an understanding that it's unlikely they have a strong base of support, with their family being on another continent.
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picoland From: picoland Date: October 11th, 2006 10:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Kiwi's are good people- my mom has a few NZ friends in Hawaii.
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