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day 14 - thur - a world of possibility
day 14 - thur
went back to the cafe ('the' fish & chips place) for lunch. The toasted sandwich (they call them "toasties") & pineapple fritted were yum!

I took my lunch to the lake where Olli & I ate the night before. It's nice to have someplace outside the house to be.

I looked through an info packet I picked up @ the cafe with info about the area (murupara/galatea). Now I can explore a bit more.

I've decided to start running either b/4 or after the morning milking as well.

It's 6:41pm & I'm exhausted and I'm already prepared for bed! I am very much looking forward to my time to myself.

I'm also enjoyinh learning to be truly on my own in almost every sense of the words!

I'm in a foreign country, going places I've never been or heard of - relying on myself & a bit of directions and suggestions from people who live here, but mainly my own research & direction.

I think I've decided to leave Galatea a bit earlier than my original intentions - probably beg/mid october. While I enjoy it & the pace of life & time to work on photos, etc. I really would like to live on my own for a bit. Or at least have roommates wather than be living in someone else's house.
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