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day 13 - wed august 30th - a world of possibility
day 13 - wed august 30th
*map of new zealand & bay of plenty highlighted

Last night I went out w/ Silke, Jenny, Silke's boss Caroline, & we all went to Olli's.

I look like a teletubby :)

Today Kevin said I had the weekend off. I'm quite excited.

bout to head to dinner, possibly with Olli - then to the pub with him.

I wanted pizza last night. It didn't quite work.

There was a magnet on the fridge, so I assumed (incorrectly) they would deliver here. Nope. After a phone call from them confirming my order & asking shere Jolly road (my street) is, it was revealed they were in Rotorua - 40 min away - and I was in Galatea. not within deliverey distance.

nect I tried the phone book. Well the book is for Bay of Plenty


which is a much larger area than Galatea.

I tried calling one other pizza place - dominoes - to see if they had a location nearby. I then tried to see if they understood how to use the phone book. They weren't much help as they said "oh I'll look in my system" after we had already established our area wasn't in their system.

So . . . after finally figuring out what all the abbreviations meant (there were 2-3 letters next to each phone number that turned out to be a more specific area) I found 1 restaurant nearby. they did not deliver - nor were they a pizza place.

dinner became a tuna sandwich instead :)

tonight I eat out at 'the' fish & chips place.

Olli did make it. We ate at the lake & then went to the pub. Darts 7 pool - fun.
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