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day 9 - saturday - a world of possibility
day 9 - saturday
* link to trousers

woke up when my alarm went off & went back to sleep. 6:30am & I'm the 1st one up. I'm really hoping to get to sleep early enough tonight to wake up when my alarm goes off so I can stretch & work on some photos in the morning.

milked cows, fed calves, I spilled some of their milke (for the calves) all down myself as I'm not yet strong enough to pull the bucket high enough easily.

We bought me trousers [LINK]to go over my clothes for milking. YAY! no more dirty clothes every day.
Next back to the house for cleaning & organizing. Ashleigh had just moved in as well, so this had been a bachelor pad up until noe. We cleaned. We moved Kevin's bed & stuff into a bedroom. We moved the fridge to a wall rather than in front of the pantry door.

I'm learning to be part of a family in many respects. Sharing the work, learning to offer & also step back from helping. To be ok with letting others learn to ask me when they want help - offering & saying let me know, but not feeling guilty if they say no & doing something else if they don't ask. Basically not feeling like I should be doing something more. Also helping without being asked - doing dishes, etc.And just learning to be in different dynamics.

Ashleigh is a mother. Taine is almost 2. Kev & ashleigh dated way back. There is so much one might take for granted if not living within a situation.

Dinner was YUM! - fish cakes, egg & fries (chips)

Now I'm exhausted!!!

It's only 7:30 but I'm going to sleep with the hope of waking up & working on some photos.
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