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day 8 - fri - a world of possibility
day 8 - fri
After my 5:30am alarm went off I went back to sleep til about 6:10 am. No one seemed to be up yet so I went to the bathroom & wrote a bit in my journal until I head people movin around. I didn't want to go into the kitchen as Kevin slept in the lounge (or what we might call a family room in the states), which is connected to the kitchen.

They had some coffee. I ate some cereal & tea. They seem to drink a good deal of coffee and not eat much food.

ashleigh & I went & milked the cows. I'm learning to becareful and deal with the fussy cows who sometimes kick when you put the cups on them. We then fed some of the calves.

We went back for breakfast, which meant marmite & butter on toast for Taine, more cereal for me & coffee for kevin & ashleigh.

Kevin headed off somewhere while ashleigh & I went back to finish feeding the calves. Ashleigh & I then headed to rotorua for some groceries & so I could pick up a few things - mainly some things to keep warm & curtains.

We returned to Galatea just in time to milk the cows again.

I showered once we were done milking. I definitely needed it! Ashleigh & Taine went to her folk's house - so it wa just Kevin & myself.

We had some fun trying to put up the curtains I bought. The instructions were slightly confusing AND I also relized I did't have what I needed to hang them.

Lucky for my Kevin had some old curtains that we took the hooks out of.

around 8:30am - after watching Hope & Faith with Ashleigh(she was back by then) & Kevin I headed to sleep. I definitely find I'm much more exhausted than usual at the end of the day.

another thing I notice is how differently I see the animals - dogs, cows, etc.
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