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day 7 -thur - a world of possibility
day 7 -thur
*link & info to amy
* pit pictures OR link

I was told the night before I could sleep in - or rather I could "have a sleep in". I slept til about 7:30.

Ashleigh's boy, taine, was up & I got to meet him. She's only staying until someone on the farm next door leaves. She'll still be working for KEvin, but living there with Taine.

I didn't do too much until we milked the cows around 2 or 3ish - can't remember if it was before or after ashleigh's sister [LINK] Amy stopped by.

I got all sorts of dirty as I need to pick up a jumper - something to go over my clothes while I milk so they don't get dirty.

When in the pit [LINK or PHOTOS] the cows go to the bathroom sometimes. Since their butts face you - well I think you can guess :)

At around 6 or half past we headed off to Ashleigh's folks for tea (dinner).

Yum! beets, bread, salad with tons of avocado, greens, onion, carrots, etc., pasta salad, garlic potatoes - extra yum - & for dessert a choc muffin with cream (no not whipped cream). I think this is a NZ thing. I should've put more cream with it, but it was still definitely good! There was also a meat option @ dinner, but as I only eat egg & seafood I didn't eat it.

Went directly to sleep when we got back around 9pm as 6am was the time to get up.
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