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day 6 - wed part 2 - a world of possibility
day 6 - wed part 2
*info & links to olli, silke, & jenny
* info & links to kevin, jo, claire, ashleigh & taine

The ride was beautiful. I stopped about 30 min in (?) for a map book of NZ, some H20, & a hat. Boy am I glad for the hat!

I wish the daylight were longer so I could've seen more of the drive. I stopped 2 more times - once to pee & once for some much needed gas (realizing had I been smart I would've filled up @ the 1st station).

Finally made it around 9 - 9:20pm. After a call to Joe debating sleeping in my car because I didn't want to wake anyone up since they get up at 5am. I saw more lights inside go on so I headed up to the front door..

met new people as we all headed to the neighbors since I would be working for him, not Barry - the person I had originally contacted.

[info about people to come]

was ready to crash as soon as I arrived - but since they were all hanging out and I had just arrived I thought it would have been rude to walk in and say "where's my room - night!" - luckily I was told I could sleep in the next morning and would not start milking until the afternoon.

have my own room - YAY!


everyone seems quite nice.
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