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day 5 - a world of possibility
day 5
apology for the many updates in 1 day - I have limited internet access and am therefore just trying to get things up as quickly as possible (since I'm paying for it) so I can actually spend my time off exploring & not on the computer :)

note: from now on I'm only going to provide a link the first time I mention a name in the entry

to come eventually
* photos joe took of me on wheel

day 5 - tues

my departure date has been moved til tomorrow. some friends were possibly going to join me on my drive. It turned out to be a good thing since my filter needed changing - plus I wanted to do a few other things.

My morning was rather quiet - stretched, ate, attempted to make some phone calls, brought my laptop down & chose some photos to use as postcards for friends.

Had lunch with allison. sushi, yum! It was nice to sit & chat with a girl.

bought my skydive voucher. as it's open-ended I bought it before the price goes up.

went with joe to get a filter for the car. I changed it (YAY). then we headed to the zoo, but decided to not pay $18 for 1.5 hours. We then attempted to find the rugby field from the other night.

well we didn't find that. We did find some other kewl things. I became a model for a group of chinese tourists as I had climbed up this big wheel thing.

eventually a photo of me in the wheel

I even took some pictures of faith - my nissan sunny.

after a few misdirected starts back to the city for the BUNAC pub meet (including finding the water another time - actually on the other side of that bridge in the photo, but not across it) we finally found the pub.

It was easier to park the car back at the hostel & walk, so we did. On the walk joe & I took a few skytower photos.

The pub meet was fun - it was a quiz night type thing.

Following the nights activities Joe, allison & myself grabbed some stuff - allison = food I = hot chocolate. It was cold out!!! The pub had basically been outdoors with some standing heater lamps.

A quick internet check with allison & then bed!

I think when I went to sleep & got up my roommates were much happier as I had cleaned up the numerous plastic bags eairlier that day. I had done this to make it quieter for me to get up & out in the mornin (before you would here an endless amount of crinkle crinkle from me trying to find things).
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ellipsedream From: ellipsedream Date: September 24th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
:::crinkle::crinkle::: lmao!
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