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day 4 - mon - a world of possibility
day 4 - mon
* map eventually (?)

another adventure, which this time ended with the car in my name (Yay!)

bank, western union, sky tower, western union, buy car! (POSSIBLE MAP) oil change & filter - that's where the last 2 photos in the gallery are from, a view from the oil change place.

my friend at western union

he let me use his phone, internet, even gave me chocolate! he was quite kind & helpful. he even told me about my sun sign - the things you will learn from people if you just let them show you.

the people here tend to be more helpful than in the us. Even the woman at the bank tried to help. She wanted to let me take out some of my money even though it hadn't cleared yet. It didn't work - but the fact that she tried was more than in the US. She also talked with me for about 10 min after everything was done. It's not often you find that in the US either - unless you are already friends or have some sort of repoire(?) with the person.

I have noticed one thing - they don't smile quite as much. While they may be nicer, or more willing to extend help to people they don't know, it's hard to tell at first as they don't smile at first. I had to sneak it out of the woman at the bank (but eventually she was smiling a wonderful smile).

I 'cruised' with Joe in my new car that evenin. We drove all over auckland - though neither of us could necessarily get you back to everywhere we went.

the end part of the 'cruisin' (when joe drove) was because the car was stalling - it shouldn't as it's automatic.

while we were drivin around we found kewl rugby field. hope to come back & take pictures.

got back & it was late - time for sleep!
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