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day 3 - sun - a world of possibility
day 3 - sun
again for me
* map

day 3 - sun

up a little later - 4:30.
did the normal routine: brush teeth, eat food, but no stretching this mornin.

Then Joe & I walked down to see the sunrise. It was fun & I got some nice shots :)

the sunrise


the walk home - though this gallery only has 3 photos so far

now we're headed to look @ cars.

while auckland is a city it's much more laid back than NYC. there's even birds chirping in the morning.

I'm def looking forward to getting out of the city though.

I'm also looking forward to being a bit more settled - unpacking etc.

I ended up going back to the car place around the corner from here. Joe & I went to ellerslie (?) race course. It was the greenlane stop on the car

after a few starts in different directions once we stepped off the train, we were finally headed to the race course (horses) for the car sales. It ended up being a bit too overwhelming for me (at least 100 cars, if not more) so I went back to the place in auckland & had the mechanic check out the car I was thinkin to buy.

1996 Nissan Sunny. All was well & I decided to buy the car. $3500 NZD

well . . .

it needed to be paid in cash - this brings me to . . .

suggestions when traveling abroad for more than vacation:

  • call before you leave the country & see if you can raise your credit card cash advance

  • if you are opening a bank account & would like some money sooner than 5-21 days do not bring a bank check.

  • western union (well this is day 4) does not charge your credit card, they cash advance the $

  • when it is sunday where you are & where your folks are is not yet sunday - if there is any possiblity you could use their help, call before it becomes sunday there.

    (INSERT MAP with highlighted route from car - skytower - hostel - skytower - car)

    I put a deposit down after that walk & said I'd be back tomorrow.

    Got food with Joe.

    After I napped through Lilo & Stitch as well as part of Donnie darko with Julie, Mike, & Joe - I headed to sleep. Though not before my key not working in my door and almost sleeping in Joe & mike's room or in the lounge.
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From: cashclicker Date: December 28th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey, here are more tips while traveling abroad:

Before going away for a vacation or a business trip, design a plan where to access money or make your purchases. Because it is recommended that you avoid carrying cash in large amounts, use a mixture of accessible purchase like debit or credit cards, travel money cards or foreign currency.

Also, it is important that you look into your credit card’s conversion fee which banks charge in order to convert foreign currencies into dollars. Like a traveler's check, there are credit card issuers that do charge a conversion fee, usually 1 percent of the purchase amount; while there are issuers that do not.

Therefore, if you are planning on using several credit cards, it is important that you check with your credit card issuers so to determine which issuer provides the best foreign currency conversion deal.

Hope this info is helpful.
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