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people - a world of possibility
People - this will be updated throughout the trip. It will also get linked to when I mention a person again. The names are in bold if I have run into them or spent time with them more than once.

met at orientation on my arrival day. she invited me to lunch after. we went with a group of people. she is from detroit. she went on one of the magic bus trips. she is interested in anthropology. hope to go sky-diving in taupo together.

from galatea. raised on a farm with her family (she, her parents & 3 sisters). I am her milking partner. Taine is her son.

the person who was going to be my "boss" originally. I am now working for his neighbor kevin

jon's flatmate (roommate?). met along with brian (?) day after rugby game.

my first roommate in the auckland city YHA hostel. She is from Omaha. I now always think of the counting crows I see her name. she headed off to wellington a few days after I left.

from canada. met at orientation & came to lunch. interested in picking fruit while here.

met at orientation & came to lunch with the group. went with julie, mike & I to get bank accounts as well. Likes photography a lot - wants to do it professionally. From California (lived in santa barbara). he headed off to christchurch a few days after julie & mike apparently picky with food - but so far has been willing to try most things.

from new zealand. lives in wellington. I met on myspace & met in person the day after the all blacks game. may stay with he & his roommate dave & dave's fiance. They taught me a few names to remember in rugby - richie McCaw, daniel carter (D.C.) and tane.

met at orientation. lunch & bank accounts. she & mike came to new zealand together from north carolina. they headed off to christchurch.

my "boss". he is from galatea (?) and is renting the farm, but owns the cows. He grew up & enjoys dairy farming.

came with julie from north carolina. he has been here once before (?) they headed off the christchurch when I headed to galatea.

mr. western union
he helped so so much when I was getting money for my car. he was kind enough to let me use his office and always checkin in to see how I was doing.

<a name="seth></a>seth met at orientation. is from new york as well. for me: need to add *amy, sam, ashleigh's parents * luke *silke, jenny, & olli
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