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packing, procrastination, & photos - a world of possibility
packing, procrastination, & photos
It's been way too long - but I've been packing like a madwoman (see photos below).

my friend ali (missaligatorfrom my trip to london) visited last weekend as well.

in addition to packing my apartment - it needs to be rented out, so photos of "empty" apartment needed to be taken. I haven't finished but I took, for my own amusement, behind the scenes photos in addition to the "clean room" ones. So for those always curious and me never posting apartment photos - you can now see parts of it (I'll try and post the rest once I get them so you can see the rest of the place).

I figured today I was going to procrastinate on the packing so I'd share something on LJ

so on to photos

one of my fav photos taken with Ali & Mark while they were here (and yet no face)

there are more, just no time currently - this I edited as well as the next, but none of the other ones

My friend will felix's painting in my clean-looking apartment

In front of the camera . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

clean living room

behind the camera

cluttered hallway
. . .

clean dining area

cluttered living room

Kitchen: clean stove area & clean counter with toaster
. . .

cluttered sink

clean fridge front & stove

cluttered side of fridge

clean sink area

cluttered counter with toaster

and thanks to my wonderful neighbor all the boxes from the first clutter picture which filled my hallway
now reside on my kitchen/dining table

Ok I really need to get back to packing.

I will end with one quote howver - this was on the boxmy tea packets came in.

nature does not hurry - yet everything is accomplished

I hope all be well
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jimmyaquino From: jimmyaquino Date: August 7th, 2006 12:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
i want your apt! i'll take it for $20. fair deal? :) glad we are now friends on LJ as well as in real life. :P

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