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Do you love kitties? - a world of possibility
Do you love kitties?
I am going to New Zealand for a year - as pretty much everyone on here knows by now probably.

Unfortunately the person who was going to take in my babies (my 3 kitties) is unable to now, so . . .

My folks are my last resource, but this is definitely not ideal as the room they would be able to let the cats live in is small and there would be limited contact as my family is not cat people and we also have dogs, so in order to keep the dogs away the door would always need to be shut :/

hence - if you or anyone you know is a cat lover, but has never been able to afford a kitty (well 3 in this case) and would be willing to take in my 3 babies for a year - I would pay for all vet appointments, food, and litter.

The litter and food I order over the internet and the vet usually allows me to leave my credit card number with them and just charges the card.

I would prefer someone who lives on the east coast and someone who truly loves animals because these are my babies :)

so yeah - contact me if you or anyone you know sounds right for the occasion.

I hope all be well
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