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ok - sorta it was a self-imposed hermitage, but it's done. I… - a world of possibility
ok - sorta

it was a self-imposed hermitage, but it's done.

I finished my senior work project as of 7am friday morning (YIPEEEEEEE)
if anyone is curious, I may upload a copy, or offer to e-mail it, who knows. I'm not sure how interesting (or understandable, at least the statistics) would be
Hypothesis: students who participate in theatre as an afterschool activity empathize, or take on different perspectives more easily then students in other afterschool activities

here are a few pictures until I get back from spain - then there will probably be an overload.
(including some aftermath pictures of my desk area -sooo much paper)

a funny dog in the city

a semi ok pic from today's hike

my kitty who doesn't usually sit on my lap - doing just that
(she looks so tiny and silly cause of the angle of the shot - I'm really not that giant)

for anyone curious about how my days of freedom have been spent


  • 7am: complete paper

  • 11am: got about 4 hours sleep, could not sleep longer on 5 cups of tea still mostly in my system

  • soon got a call from a neighbor to go check out a volunteer fair (mainly to see gotham hall - or some "G" name hall - it was pretty kewl inside)
  • another neighbor met with us, the first went back to work

  • walked around the city with the 2nd neighbor
    got food
    ate on the roof (twas nice)
    walked up to a kewl japanese bakery

  • got home, checked e-mail, & got clean & presentable

  • and went and helped with premier party for film in tribecca film festival

  • while there I put an I HEART fat GIRLS sticker on his butt - will put backstory in at some point

  • got home around 12 went to sleep around 1


  • got up at 11 (pure bliss - slept so soundly i slept through dad's phone call, lol I rarely sleep through calls, only when thoroughly exhausted)

  • met firends for waffles YUMM

  • went to neighbors house warming get together - she just moved in
    stayed almost all day

  • went downstaids to other neighbors to bring peanut butter (since he was going with me hiking and had none for a pb&j sandwich)

  • and ended up staying for a movie


  • 5:45am wake up

  • 6am ride calls, he has arrived early, lol I am about to brush my teeth and still in PJs, say "will be down soon"

  • hike!!!

am now ready to pass out!!!


  • hopefully sleep till 11

  • 12pm focus group (tell opinoins for 2hrs=$100)

  • 2pm - walk to school and turn in final project!!!!

  • 5:30pm meet friend to go indoor-rocklimbing

  • 10-11 watch medium

  • 11pm CRASH HARD

  • now that you know mroe than you wanted to know of my schedule, lol

    ok I REALLY need to shower and SLEEP

    I hope all be well
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From: myreprise Date: May 1st, 2006 09:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Congratulations. "Final" project as in you graduate?
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 5th, 2006 05:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
as in i gradjimitate yep :)
ellipsedream From: ellipsedream Date: May 1st, 2006 02:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
YAY YAY YAY!!!!! it is fini!!!!
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