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helping a friend - tribecca film festival - a world of possibility
helping a friend - tribecca film festival
I'm posting this in the hopes that someone may have connections or resources as I myself have few (surprisingly).

A friend of mine has a film in the tribecca film festival. If I understand correctly they are looking for sponsors who may want to market or advertise their company or products by donating things for gift bags at the premier party.

the film is called fAT gIRLS not to be confused with another movie that came out recently with a similar name.

If you do know anyone, drop me an e-mail and I'll forward you the sponsorship proposal

- other news . .

  1. I'm almost DONE with my project! (minus the statistics/results section and advisor notes which I will have next week).

  2. The short student film I was in was accepted in a film festival in florida (yeah I eventually have to upload the video onto my acting site)

  3. my dad is running the boston marathon on monday & I will be cheering him on!

  4. I will soon be posting pictures again! - I have a huge backlog, lol so be prepared

  5. I hope all be well :)
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