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analogies food & life - a world of possibility
analogies food & life

so I think part of my new zealand trip (definitely not all of it, and maybe even just a small part) is another step in me learning to balance my life.

I tend to look at life similarly to how a little kid looks at food. Part of the fun of being a little kid is huge eyes and little stomach. We are much more accepted to order hugely oversized portions we will never finish because we need to learn on our own to either adjust our vision or adjust our stomachs.

I like to experience as much as I possibly can. I kinda found my own unique solution to the huge-eyes syndrome - at least with food. I eat a small bit and take the rest home with me to be enjoyed at random intervals. But people don't keep as well as food does - you can't just leave them without thinking about them and then come back to them when you''re back in the mood.

Or can you? Or do they keep better? Eventually food will go rotten - well unless put in the freezer in due time and then, while yes it will go rotten, it will take MUCH longer.

And maybe the people worth having - or rather the people who keep well, who are patient and understanding and willing to accept that you cannot always give them attention, are the ones saved to be enjoyed last.

Hmm - I'm sure there is more in my head, but basically I was - ok so . . .
let's try a list and see if this goes more quickly, lol
cause i'm late and it's tired - ok reverse that

(pre-amble to tick/medication info part, please just laugh don't feel sorry, because i did, at the end of the day it is a story for me to tell that i find quite amusing)

  • went this mornin early (like 7am) to get prescription filled for tick medicine

  • prescription would not be ready until afternoon so i ask for 1 dose for the mornin - since the hosipital had already started me the night before

  • i attempted to ask questions to the pharmacist (especially since the pills looked different) but it just wasn't happening, i was tired, and wanted to eat breakfast and get some work done

  • I prolly shoulda asked, lol. I took the 2 capsules and my tummy was not happy

  • the pharmacy calls and there is a issue with my insurance - i ask to speak with the pharmacist, yeah i was only supposed to take 1 capsule even though i took 2 tablets last night - different form=different dosage
    in case people are curious the drug is called doxycycline and apparently is strong (or so i've been told, but i guess i knew that form this mornin)

  • so i call my dad's work - i get insurance through there - yes i am very appreciative and lucky, an entirely other conversation

  • they fax me temp insurance card - which i bring to pharmacy

  • pharmacy still says "nope"

  • i make phone calls back and forth between dad, company, insurance company, etc.

  • apparently new info was given, but not yet put in the system (temp card said march 1st, but this didn't mean anything, lol)

  • get things fixed so my info will be valid - but not till next day, so i pay for meds (which i had no problem doing to begin with and sending receipt since it was cheap, but i did still want to know what was going on with insurance for future reference)

  • so yeah - all sorted out (yay) and no meds for me until tomorrah mornin since i had more than needed

  • overdose (by accident) led to sicky stuff (to put it nicely) so i was definitely not in the mood to concentrate on work

  • so i relaxed and took the day easy

  • though i did eventually get a bit of work done

  • then went out to dinner with a friend (very much needed and quite nice) - dumpling place down the street followed by crepes way downtown

  • twas quite nice to be outside and twas quite nice to walk

  • was IMing with a friend (whom I had been hiking with when i believe i got the tick) and due to a CD of theirs i listened to i looked for one i had they would enjoy

  • found the CD and was curious about a friend who had introduced me to the band on the CD

  • went looking through old journal entries because I could not for the life of me remember said friends name - and felt a random want to contact said old friend

  • re-reading old entries had me re-evaluating myself and my new "dating" thing and just how I relate to people in general

  • a few missing parts of me - nostalgia

  • a few I'm glad to be where I am, and realizing while I did lose some of my spontenaeity in recent years, a bit of it has come back, and overall i do like the person i've grown into

  • and i hope to continue growing

  • and yeah - it's really time for me to sleep!

I hope all be wonderful!

and as a treat - 1 photo from the hike

not my best photo - and since i'm feelin nice, and forgot i uploaded it, here's a bad image of my tattoo

note to self: at some point i need to take a pic of the 2 fairies my folks gave me which now reside on the ceiling above my bed :)
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