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late night reflections - a world of possibility
late night reflections
so i got home from another date.

was in the midst of typing it up on dating_pyxie and wanted to write in here a bit

the past few days have been odd, but good.

  • my canvas and paints came - am incredibly excited (might need to order more canvases really soon, only bought 4)

  • ate at 2 new restaurants, both good (one was ethiopian which I've been looking for since I moved here!)

  • found an all dessert restaurant!

  • finally finished putting together cd(s) for my friends

  • learning to be me again

  • i'm really looking forward to new zealand!

  • talked with boy - he sounds good and I like that we are able to talk

  • got a new door for the broken one that came with my cabinet night-stand thing and they wrapped it in SOOO much bubble wrap (will need to post picture tomorrow)

  • i'm finding humor in little things again (like the bubble wrap)

  • thinking of getting another tattoo - will letchy'all know.

  • ok that's plenty of words. soon i hope to catch up with old pictures and start again with new.

    I hope all be well :)
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