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amusing - a world of possibility
can i tell you - some of these students who participated in my study, quite amusing.

These are questions about people in a movie - i don't think you'll have to know the movie to find this amusing, but I could be wrong. Or it could just be that i've been working on it so long anything outta the norm is amusing to me.

At least they are honest :)

Q:Why does Homer's father think Homer wants to work on the rockets?
A:because he's a theif
A:I wasn't paying attention

Q:What impressions does Homer have about his father's personality? How would Homer describe him?
A:he's like "whatever dad"

Q:What impression does Homer's father have about Homer's personality? How would his father describe him?
A:his father is like ew rockets, go to the mine

and these were general questions - see a pattern?

Q:[if you were going to particiate in another afterschool activity] what would this be?
A:interesting ones
A:not really sure

Q:what do you think you would enjoy about this activity?
A:it's interesting
A:that it'd make my life less boring

Q:what do you think you might gain or learn from thie activity?
A:interesting facts

Q:what do you think you would dislike about this activity?
A:staying after school
A:other stuff

ok enough interruption = back to entering data, lol

I hope all be wonderful :)
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