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clarity & "trying" - a world of possibility
clarity & "trying"
so somewhere along the timeline of tonight i became very clear on being myself.

I'm not sure how else to put it.

I don't think it was a result of the movie we went to see (Walk the Line) - but I think that added to it.

I love those moments of clarity - where perspective suddenly is visible.

on the way home me mum and I stopped around the corner and got 2 slices of pizza. Not the best pizza I've had, but it was the experience that was enjoyable.

My clarity - let's see if I can explain it - to just experience.

I mean mentally I understand the concept of this often,
it's actually spiritually, mentally, etc - just truly being there - it's different.

I'm not sure what else to say other than that I hope I will continue this understanding.

more pictures soon probably since I have the weekend before I have to go full force into my paper for my senior work and I will definitely want to take breaks from the journal article research I'll be doing (I helped with a journal article that may eventually be published in a medical/psych journal).

I hope all be well

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