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peek-a-boo - a world of possibility
so yeah, lots of photos to still catch up on - but I'm in MD

however I will leave you with at least one as I am invading with a few words this time.

I have a call back for a paying shakespeare part! albeit it's in MD - but that's kewl with me. It just means some time spent at my folk's house.

So cross your fingers for me folks - I may be playing Hermia in A midsummer night's dream (*crosses fingers, eyes, toes, legs, etc.)

In other news I'm in MD for a bit waiting to meet with high school students for my senior work (couldn't meet until the 15th, so it's kinda pointless going back to NYC and then traveling down again)

enjoy the picture(s)

coffee cup man

(this made me smile)

peace plate (might need to look at large version)

sleepy yem

again, not sure if you can tell but

our silly dog lounges like this on his back (paws askew)

currently too lazy, but might upload a better shot (taken with actual camera rather than cellphone)

and lastly

horribly bad image of myself and our other silly dog

(I call her happy dog as she has sprained her tail from wagging it too hard and wacking it against something)

I hope all be well

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moowazz From: moowazz Date: January 31st, 2006 03:43 pm (UTC) (Link)


(to my myspace comment)

you deserve to be happy and feel fulfilled with your life, so yeah

remember that!

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