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still catching up from t-day break - a world of possibility
still catching up from t-day break
So here are T-day dinner pictures and some the day I was leaving of myself, my mom, and the dogs.

I'm saving my highschool get-together pictures till last so I can put b/4 and after pictures up (can't seem to find my photo album, need to check when I go home to MD).

still to come . . .

  • walk on the canal

  • the walk in my neighborhood before the canal

  • hot tub pictures (I'm not in any, well my shadow is and the spot I was sitting)

  • my drive to and picture with my friend ali

  • deer in the front yard, probably combined with a few trees at the country club where t-day dinner was (I had brunch with my grandparents a few days later>

  • my dad's side-view mirror on the ride to the train station (this one is a maybe, might just add 2 of them to another album

then I'm through with T-day trip pictures, lol
and have to get caught up with the few I've taken since I've been back.

now to the rambling . . .

last week I ran into, well walked past, someone I knew from my one semester at Oberlin. I remembered his name - probably due to something called a Friendsaver (was going to include a link, but apparently they don't sell em anymore), it's basically like having a yearbook without the yearbook part, friends write stuff on a page devoted to them, and I can put a picture of them in there - so I dropped him an e-mail to see if it was him. It was.

So now questions - which also came up after going home and seeing some friends I hadn't really seen since high-school - what to do when you come across pieces of your past? I tend to go back and forth between believing in coincidence vs. reason to the random occurences such as this. And then there is the here and now issue(s) of judging what is too much contact for some, vs. the right amount for others - like I e-mailed one of my highschool friends because they said they were in a band. Relationships were different in highschool - there was no "well are they going to think I'm interested in one way vs. another" because people would just all hang out. Yes people dated, but since there was usually a group of friends that hung out together, invitations and hanging out were in groups rather than one on one - making friendships outside a "relationship" much easier, at least in my opinion. I talked with my neighbor a bit about this as well. We are in agreement that friendships are harder to have outside of a "relationship" now.

For now I'll just see how this little piece falls into place, as well as anything else that may come along.

In other news about me (if you haven't already had enough

  • going to take photos for people in a band

  • my senior work, while being extended to next semester, is going well

  • met a person who may be my personal manager - we'll see how it goes

  • Talked with my brother! - there is a back story, basically (for those who don't know) I haven't talked with him, probably for close to year - and not because we had any arguement or anything, but basically he's been off doing his thing and I get my information about him through my folks who heard from him about once a month. He may be joining the family for our winter vacation!

ok that's too many words in an entry so . . .

I hope all be well
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corto From: corto Date: December 4th, 2005 05:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
~ smiles at you... :)

and cool beans with the bro!!
lizzie_borden From: lizzie_borden Date: December 4th, 2005 07:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
great news about your brother, and I have to say that dog has got the best face
corto From: corto Date: December 6th, 2005 01:46 am (UTC) (Link)
silly question... are you still on 14th?

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