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Woodworking - a world of possibility
Not sure why I named the entry as I did - but so be it. I guess I was thinking "coming out of the woodwork". Who knows? Not me (says the bee). Ok, lol all these thoughts running through my head, many just randomness (as the bee comment was, and I was nice enough to spare you all from the entire thought :)

Been in my own little isolation hermitville - and yet not entirely hermit because there have been people around me and I have conversed with some even (wow) including boy (aka wfs) my family, my friend in spain (yes I did say Spain - I had a wonderful trip there, pictures one day - that is if my apartment is ever finished, at least I have a kitchen and a shower now - no more cleaning out of a bucket with a hose - no exxageration). And yet I realize I haven't really "socialized" in the normal sense of the idea - hanging out, conversing, going tot he movies - with more than 1 person (not necessarily more than one at a time, but not the same person every time).

OK - well more later - so much more to say - but I need to get off of here, boy is out of work, I am still at school (just finished my first week of class) and am meeting a friend for hot beverages (probably cocoa for me)

Those who are nearby - who would be interested in dinner ( cooked by myself) at my apartment once it's FINALLY finished.

I hope all is well

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