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Back from summer camp - a world of possibility
Back from summer camp
I feel like I did when I was younger when I would go away for the summer and get back to school - but the break this time seems 3 times as long and much further froim all my friends as I sat here reading a some entries.

OK, this will need to be delayed - as usal, lol. I have stuff I want to get out, but I'm too distracted currently. It'll be much easier when I get back from visiting a friend in Spain and my apartment is basically done (the construction that is).

I will say this - I am excited for the upcoming semester and all my classes, especially since I will not be dieing from all the work as I was last semester. I am also looking forward to actually seeing some friends in person, relaxing.

If I can get my camera working, I'll have pictures from Spain when I get back and I'll put a link up to the pictures from Florida and some comments from the trip.

I've gone through some interesting - to say it simply - stuff. Anyways, more later :)

I hope all is wonderful

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