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Pack Rat - a world of possibility
Pack Rat
I am a pack rat

If I had enough room, enough time, and enough energy, I would keep everything and everyone in my life.

Recently has been renovation time for me - I've been cleaning out my life.

Now it's time for this journal. I really want to use it more since I feel it is a valuable thing - a place to get opinions from many different points of view, as well as see how other people view the world we all live in.

So I'm cleaning out my friends list. As many who hae done this have stated it's not personal. Basically I feel everyone can contribute something to my life, unfortunately I don't have the time or energy to take it all in. So I need to cut down.

If for whatever reason you feel I actually add to your life when I comment in your journal (however rare it may be) let me know and I'll add you back. My journal is almost always open to the public, so being on my friends list does not change your ability to read about me. I'm not quite sure why people choose to or not to read my journal - but if you enjoy it, keep reading. If I'm on your friends list because you're on mine, just drop me. I'm sure it will help your reading as well.

Anyhow, please, please, please do not take offense - you are all wonderful, insightful, good, worthwhile people. I just don't have the time.

I hope everyone is well

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