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Sneaking into the sunlight for a quick bit - a world of possibility
Sneaking into the sunlight for a quick bit

I've been a busy little girl. I have 15 minutes before my class actually starts, but my guess is that there will be less time before people start arriving, so lets see what I can get in here :)

I'm in New York
I'm interning at the psych dept at beth israel medical center
Im taking some classes

that's the simple end

I've learned how much I truly miss and, in my mind, NEED acting in my life. It's a piece of my soul. I am the happy, outgoing, bubbly, optimisitc girl when I'm acting.
I'm still happy when I'm not, but there's no life underneath the motions without it. So I've decided I need acting.

I had a long weekend home - not long in the sense of hours, but long as in infused with other people's stuff, plus my own. I still have issues with my family, but they're further out than before. I've accepted my relationship with my mom, dad, and sister. Next is my brother and then my grandmother. I'm not capable of just sitting by nd seeing people upset without saying things. I'm also not capable of taking absolutely nothing personally, there are things that still get to me - hit me hard -but I've also gotten to t he point where I don't need to argue my point of view. I'm upset inside at first, but once I step away from the situation for a bit, I'm ok. -If oyu want specifics ask, because I realize people probably have no clue what I'm going on about, and that's ok unless you're ultra curious.

With most of the time over the weekend spent with family and issues, I overthought a few things and was left exhausted once back in New York. I need a balance of fun/friends/alone time = family/issues. Eep

Ok - I think someone is waiting to come in the room but thinks they'll disturb me, so more will need to wait for later - eventually.

Overall I am doing quite well, just need a few more hours inserted somewhere in the day (preferably not into my internship or classes - as much as I love them, I need recovery time).

I hope all is well


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ellipsedream From: ellipsedream Date: June 30th, 2004 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)
hi! :)

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