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Hmmm A little less confused - a world of possibility
Hmmm A little less confused
Much found out tonight. I will have to edit myself. Basically all I can say is that my picture became clear, much clearer. I am still somewhat upset, but more in the population, or possibilities of what they can be, in general.

I was betrayed. I do not blame anyone but myself. I kinda knew this LONG ago, but brushed the thought aside. I knew this before they knew it.

Ok, this "angel" thing is getting weird now. "I cry when angels deserve to die" a line from a song this afternoon when I arrived at school. And now, when I turn on my winamp, as you can probably see, Rufus wainwright - Evil Angel

I'll find the lyrics eventually and then put a link. I cannot say much more presently. I DO have to finish typing up in my disc journal. I have work sorta soon and would like some sleep. SOOO . . .

more tomorrow (or later today, LOL)

meez :)~

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: Rufus Wainwright - Evil Angel

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