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What is it that creates in some people a willingness to see others… - a world of possibility
What is it that creates in some people a willingness to see others views and therefore change for the better versus others who are just unable to accept the fact that they are wrong and will do anything to avoid this fact (that they have flaws) from getting out?

What creates this instinct of fear in us - in this case, specifically fear of being thought of as imperfect? Can we overcome this?
Yesterday I spent time with the wonderful pamlin, got some really good smelling candles (I had needed some for wuite some time, so it was perfect timing) and then after some Indian food saw the movie The Magdalene Sisters,

These nuns - who are supposed to be closest to God and treat people as such, were more worried about their pride than true honest facts.

I'm wondering what types of things we might do in order to create a more humble - in the senseof willing to admit we have flaws, we are human and we cannot ever become "better" if we don't admit to our flaws - society.

It becomes a cycle, a power struggle. If someone points out a flaw in someone else, the flawed person might deny it. It is obvioius to the pointer that there is in fact a flaw and this upsets the pointer because they are being told by default that</i>they</i> are wrong, when they are not. When flawed person is in a power position it just causes a cycle because it infuriates the pointer more and more as the flawed person becomes more and more ignorant, possibly increasing there flaw and making the situation worse.

This is a very small and simple way of putting it. Everyone is flawed and situations can and do become much more complex, but my point is still made.

How can we change this? Can we change this? Is it in how we are brought up? Is it in our genes?

One more question, somewhat unrelated - a situation which is upsetting and the outcome is unknown, how do you come to terms?

The "if this, then I could feel this way" or "if that I would feel that way".

For me this is with my cat, which luckily I feel better than previously, but it can be in many situations like someone who thinks their significant other is cheating on them and are not sure whether to move on. In the latter case, though, the situation is more someone being undecisive in knowing what they want, and in turn hoping for the situation to make the decision for them.

In my case, and sort of for missing children, it is not about making a decision in the same sense. Almost like a death - not sure when you have mourned enough, but the mourning is not knowing when you have hoped long enough to give up and just "get over it".

At least, in my opinion, for missing children (and deaths to some extent) I feel it is much more likely to find a conclusion eventually, but that doesn't necessarily help in the in-between time other than just the fact of knowing that eventually they will most likely know and possibly finding comfort in that idea in and of itself.

Though I think the other night, when I finally cried, it did help a lot. I guess that was my body unconsciously teling me it was ok to do the upset thing - it doesn't mean you won't forever hope and won't be incredibily ecstaticly overjoyed if you one day get her back, but you also won't kill yourself with deception. But, then again, what's wrong with being wrong - unless it causes more pain.

maybe I answered myself, who knows, lol.

OK I have rambled enough and must go read for class.

I hope everyone is well :)~
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From: limbic_region Date: September 18th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC) (Link)

we are animals

The vast majority of human beings believe that not only are they the most intelligent species on the planet, but that we are distinctly different from other animals, and that we are the pinnacle of evolution.

What I am about to say is a little harsh:
It doesn't matter if we have a soul or are merely thinking hydrogen that has evolved to the point of contemplating our own existence - we are fucking animals.

This idealistic perception of how things should be exists within, but we wear skin and bones. We are animals.

This doesn't mean that certain humans haven't learned to co-exist with this nature. It doesn't mean that even fewer humans have learned to subjugate the body to the will of the mind. It just means that the mass populace acts and behaves based on their biology.

A few would argue (The Matrix) that a Utopian society is bound to fail. It requires strife to recognize contentment and to neccessitate growth and change. I am not sure that this will always be true in the course of time, but I believe that it is mostly true for today's society.

There are a bunch of math references I could give you about chaotic system, holography, and fractals that would give analogies to the complexities of individual lives on the microscopic level to global society at the macroscopic level, but it doesn't change anything.

If you were to pour sand and let it start creating a cone. The angle the cone would form will always be the same (It was in second grade that I learned this, but I seem to think it was 54 degrees). This is because it is the most efficient/stable. No one tells the sand to do this - it just does.

When crystals form, they do so at exactly the right angles to make the most stable structure possible (certain bridge designs copy this). No one tells them how to do this - they just do.

It is my contention, that there is some inate part of nature that makes things the way they are because it works.

It is a sad thing that I do not understand why a world that I envision is doomed to failure - but chances are it would be.

Anyway - I have rambled long enough - my belly is rumbling.


moowazz From: moowazz Date: October 10th, 2003 12:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: we are animals

just a few quick things

-sand does not have a brain. so yes, if people only listen to their biology then that would be true.

-at the same time there has been at least a teensy weensy bit of evolution. and the fact that some people have overcome their biology means that others are capable. Does not mean they will, but it is a possibility.

- I guess my point is that just because the majority of people act a certain way, and yes it may not change right away, and yes it may only affect a smal number of people at a time, it does not mean it isn't worth doing something about, and it seems we will always be on different ends of this (tis fine with me, I'm always learning new stuff through you :)

I hope you be well


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