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Interuption of constant motion - a world of possibility
Interuption of constant motion
Had a wonderful weekend - even though I was exhausted monday.

It was so incredibly wonderful to see so many people that I have missed - starting Friday with 3 people with the NY/NJ vacinity and continuing with Stockwood and general Ren Faire folks. I never realize how much I truly miss people until I see them again.

I have now officially had my first day back at school, though none of my classes will technically be towards a degree until next semester - this semester counts, but I am not in the degree program until next semester.

It seems it'll be an interesting class.

I am still on the kitty hunt, so please keep thinking good thoughts for my kitty Sushi and thank you for all the good thoughts so far, it really really means alot.

OK I am going to get more stuff done since I need to go home and print more posters for that anyhow.

WFS has another interview Thursday - means nothing to most, but thought I'd throw that random bit of information in.

Hey - all you people who live in NY and the surrounding areas, I now have an actual schedule so . . . if you want to get together, or you do any group things, please lemme know. I'm bad at initiating plans, but will try to at some point. I am fairly good at joining in on plans though (this is supposing I am invited, lol).

OK much to do.

I hope everyone is wonderful.
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fjordhopper From: fjordhopper Date: September 2nd, 2003 04:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was great to see you too!!! Yay! (and btw you looked amazing in that Nero bodice!! wow!)
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