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The wedding - a world of possibility
The wedding

So I had a really really good time. To begin with, everyone who was near my age - part of the conversation included figuring out how we were related. I think about 80-90% of the people there were family, lol. At least it seemed that way.

Between my grandmother who had 3 kids, and her husband (whom I consider my grandfather and is a very sweet man) who ha 5 (I believe, not positive though) there are quite a few relatives to say the least.

Between those relatives who introduced or re-introduced themselves, the stories told about the bride and groom (oh there were some good ones, maybe i'll type up how he proposed eventually, but not now, I need sleep), and one cousin's fiance who came over and introduced herself to me - it was just good people.

I guess these good people feel pressured to "look good" as well, and that changes how they come off to those who don't understand - including myself.

And now to bed so I can actually make my drive for the second part of my extended vacation: warm fuzzy soul visit. WEee

I hope everyone is having a terrrrrrrific weekend :)~
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