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Part three - today - a world of possibility
Part three - today

I arrive at the hair salon place about 2 minutes before my appointment. Grandmother's hair is already wet and she is sitting in a styling chair in front of a mirror.

I say hello and go tell the person at the desk I'm here. They lead me to a styling chair and I wait.

and wait

and wait

luckily I have someone to talk to, my grandmother introduced me to a woman who works with my aunt - the one whose daughter is getting married today. Very nice woman, a bit nervous, but very sweet. Maybe not nervous, probably just surprised because I was asking her lots of questions. Most "adults" (those older than me who I meet through parents or grandparents - for some reason it doesn't happen when I meet them on my own) feel the need to ask me continous questions because they are not comfortable with silence.

Me, I just love picking at peoples brains, as well as their psyche. Again, I wander.

So lady finally starts working on my hair. She has another woman use a curling iron and curl my hair. She then returns (only 1/2 my head curled) and puts parts of my hair up, straightening bits here and there. Once she has finished she curls all the hanging bits. I believe she had the other woman curling my hair to suit my grandmother so it looked like something was being done right away (because my grandmother was not happy that the appointment had said 11 and I had still been sitting around waiting at 11:15-11:30). This amused me.

About 1/2 way through the process my aunt arrives. Yay tag team pickyness or controlling war. So my aunt is talking to my grandmother with her back to me and talking quietly. She obviously doesn't like something.

She then comments about me wearing a t-shirt. For those who don't know, when you go to get your hair done, you should wear a button down or zip up shirt so as not to ruin the hair-do while taking off the shirt. I had forgotten to do this, but the t-shirt was large seeing as how it belongs to me brother.

I later comment that she can say whatever she thinks rather than say it to my grandmother. It soon became clear she did it for the sake of the hairdresser, not myself. She did not like the do. I however did. I stated that she did not have to like it because she did not have to wear it and this is ok. I'm not offended, and I don't think the hairdresser would have been if my aunt had just stated that for herself she preferred a different look.

Luckily aunt liked hairdo better after i had makeup on. Grandmother was surprisingly less picky when it came to hairdo.

However, it felt odd when we went to get makeup done. I am not so close with cousin who is getting married or her family. We get along and having nothing against each other, we just never spent much time together.

I think what made me most uncomfortable was when mother of bride (aunt - or step aunt) said goodbye to all people around me, but not me. She probably is just rushed, but still.

I began comparing in my head the difference between this wedding and 2nd cousin once removed (or something odd like that) who got married. That one was more about the feeling of being loved. This one felt more like they were worried about everything looking good.

I could be blowing things out of proportion, who knows - I just felt more welcomed there - and I didn't even make it to that wedding, I only made it to the dinner the night before!

So finally I received a phone call from my aunt asking if my curls were holding up, or if I would need to re-curl them.

and part 4 . . . reflections (though I sort of started in this one) and questions.
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