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Part two - yesterday - a world of possibility
Part two - yesterday

Now I am home for the wedding. I get in Thursday night and due to me not thinking "hmmm, let's decide a meeting spot" there was some confusion and I missed my friend who was nice enough to drive all the way out to the train station.

Luckily I ended up having a kewl cab driver and some interesting conversation.

I get home to a basically empty house b/c, as previously stated, mum, dad, and sister are not in the country. Luckily the dogs were ecstatic to see me.

Friday morning I call me grandma because she had stated that she wanted to see the dress and make sure if wasn't too long or anything. She cannot come over, can I go there?

Well, no, actually, I am meeting a friend for lunch and a movie - but the dress is fine, me mum saw it when we got the dress.

A good sum of time goes by, I am currently in a nice relaxing shower, and the phone rings. Me aunt has called after being coaxed by me grandma. I feel like I'm no longer an adult.

Do you know, when I went to lunch with me granmother and me cousin (step cousin - me grandmother was re-married when I was 4), me grandmother cut my food for me!!! I was AT LEAST 13 years old at this point. She did not however cut it for me cousin, who is the same age!!!

Needless to say she is a very controlling woman. Yes most of the time she does it because she cares, but sometimes - eek.

Before I continue I should state that my uncle had the car and I was waiting until he returned so I could leave - so it wasn't a time issue, but transportions AND time put together were paired up against me. Plus I didn't truly want the hassle of dealing with approval or dissapproval.

Me aunt wanted to see the dress. Well here was how it went.
1)Aunt said she would call back (because I stated I probably could not go to see her)
2)I called me grandmother to be reminded of the time and get directions for where we were getting out hair done tomorrow (now today).
3)Grandmother asked if aunt ahd called.
4)Uncle finally arrived with car, a little later then expected, I headed out to meet friend.
5)Middle of lunch with friend Grandmother calls to state that appointment is at 11 not 11:30 (even though she had given me the number to the place to call and ask for both directions and time).
6)Aunt calls - she is at grandmother's house. Wants to know if I can come to her house with dress (aunt's house, not grandmother's).
7) I state yes, if the movie lets out in time - for aunt is having dinner at 7PM.
8)Call aunt after movie to state the obvious (I am calling at 7:45 or so) I did not get out of movie before 7.
9)Aunt immediately calls back stating dinner did not happen as planned and to come over with dress then.
10) It was decided that
-dress straps were too long
-jewelry was not as she liked
-my back is peeling, to this aunt offered numerous times to "lufa" my back before tomorrow.

Next stop was the grocery store. It was nice to be in civilization other than family - well excluding some immediate family (mom, dad, sister, usually brother and often one or two cousins).

I was on the phone with warm fuzzy soul, and unfortunately he was having some trouble with his computer stressing him out to no end and I was in no place to be helpful and considerate. All I wanted to do at the time was space out and pay attention to the very interesting greeting cards that I found in the card section of the grocery store.

I came home and, as I had been realizing throughout the day, the house feels incredibly empty without my family here. I mean my uncle is here, but I don't talk too too much with him. We get along, it's just not the same as parents, plus he has been pretty sick up until recently (that's why he's staying with us) and I always had a cold or something. Anyhow I digress.

After watching TV and getting a bit overwhelmed with being home and having to deal with family without may parents and thinking about this while straightening my hair - b/c it will be easier for the hairdresser tomorrow (now today) - which I really don't enjoy in the first place, but am doing with some iron type thing that doesn't work since me mum took her hairdryer with her to england, I went to sleep!

I feel bad b/c wfs got the bad end of this :( sorry and thinks I am annoyed with him, when it really wasn't him.

so on to today . . .
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arkos From: arkos Date: August 2nd, 2003 05:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
i get off work at midnight
call me at home
if possible
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