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Family - Part one the backstory - a world of possibility
Family - Part one the backstory
So the part one of my extended vacation is a wedding.

OK- so this is a bit longer than expected, so . . . I shall put this into a few sections.

Me mum and sister are in England for my sister's chorus (or choir, whatever).

Me dad is in Ireland (can I tell you how jealous I am?).

I am therefore going to the wedding sans buffers to the rest of the family.

I should probably start the story 2 weeks ago when I was visiting home.

I came home because I wanted to see ome friends and get out of the city and I hadn't been home in a while. It was the perfect time since friends who are rarely in state were here and other friends had some free time.

My grandmother found I was coming home and decided she wanted to buy me a new dress for the wedding and since I was going to be home she could do so.

So me grandmother didn't end up making it to pick out the dress - which at the time I thought was a good thing. I already had me mum and me aunt and with just the two of them it took 2.5 hours to find a dress that had to be shipped overnight to my parents house so I could have the size that I needed.

The next day I went with me mum to find a "backup" dress in case the other one didn't fit or didn't arrive in time. We didn't find anything and luckily the other dress did come.

By this point I did not want to even put the dress on for me mum. I put it on, figured it fit well enough - but did not show her - and thought the ordeal was over.

Boy was I wrong!

So me mum and her friend come to New York for a fews days for
a) friend's b-day
b) on the way up to Maine to pick up my sister from camp.

My grandmother said I needed shoes for the dress. This, luckily, did not take long. Friend happens to have small feet as I do and I found very pretty shoes (maybeI'll take pictures - even of me).

Onto to yesterday . . .
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