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Cause my friend ( limbic_region) was wonderful enough to give a… - a world of possibility
Cause my friend (limbic_region) was wonderful enough to give a whole bunch of information on bipolar (manic depressive) as well as other stuff

cause replies can only be 4300 characters - grrr

Manic-depression is often diagnosed as depression
because the patient only goes in when they are on the
downward swing. It is diagnosed with anti-depressents
which cause the manic sides to swing even further up -
mayhem ensues - it is not a pretty sight.

Severe cases of ADD and/or ADHD are diagnosed as mild
cases of Manic-depression and vice versa. They are
even sometimes treated with the same drug - depakote,
which is a mood stabalizer. The difference is that
ADD/ADHD might instead be treated with a stimulant
such as Adderal - which in chemical composition is
similar to crystal meth. The odd thing is that in an
ADD patient this actually slows their mind down, but
if given to someone with mild Manic-depression - they
can go too far up as well.

What you heard about bi-polar not being able to keep a
single interest very long and starting fire were
actually fairly accurate. Just not for mild cases.
If you ever read a psychology book describing mental
illnesses - you will see yourself in almost every
single case - then take a trip to a mental institution
and see the real thing. You will quickly say "I do
NOT have that". My friend did this very thing when he
decided to work in the "nut house" as he
affectionately called it.

In more severe cases - people suffering from
Manic-depression need to stay medicated or become
institutionalized. Mild cases will probably just be
seen as moody people with ecentric interests that
change from week to week.

I indicated earlier that mild Manic-depression and
extreme ADD (which isn't entirely the same as ADHD)
are often misdiagnosed for one another. I can't
recommend enough picking up a copy of "Driven to
Distraction" to check it out.

Now if you really want to see the connection between
what the mass populace considers mental illness and
creativity/genious pick up "Strange Brains and
Genious", which is subtitled "The secret lives of
eccentric scientists and madmen" by Clifford A.

Oh - any book that you have heard me mention I own and
you are more than welcome to borrow any at any time if
you don't want to buy a copy yourself without checking
it out first or at all.

Now it should also be noted that men and women are
different in regards to how many things they have
going on at once. A man typically is very single
track minded - must get food, must get sex, must get
sleep, must get more money, must drink beer, must -
well you get the picture. A woman typically has 3-4
things she is thinking about at the same time - unless
it is REALLY good sex, she is probably thinking about
her grocery list and the fact that the laundry needs
to be done so she has something to wear to work on
Monday. Ok, admittedly that was an extreme case - but
I am a man that was thinking about sex - sue me.

Well in the case of ADD and Manic-depression - man or
woman - on an up cycle they may have many ideas
swimming around their head very fast at the same time
that they honestly will lose if they don't write them
down or act on them. Unfortunately they can have just
as many good ideas as not-so good ideas. Chances are
they will not be able to filter them out and see them
all as good. For instance - a man is in financial
trouble so he is laying on the couch self-absorbed in
his worries trying to think of what will make him
happy. He begins a manic (both ADD & MD have these)
and thinks that if he wasn't living in squalor he
would be happy. Adding a new deck would certainly
make him feel happier about where he is living so he
goes out and puts all kinds of lumber on his credit
card. He gets 3 quarters of the way into the project
when the depression cycle kicks in. He can no longer
work - he just doesn't have it in him. His depression
is further intesified by the realization that he has
spent money he didn't have on something that won't
really make him happy.

That's the unfortunate result for someone suffering
from either that does not have a creative outlet.
Fortunately for those that are creative - the weird
bizarre ideas are actually good - but as in the
example I just gave, are not necessarily good for us.
A painter could end up spending money s/he doesn't
have on paint even though the piece of work is very
worthwhile. The creative person will often justify
this type of behavior to themselves and others by
saying if they don't act when the muse is upon them -
they will lose it.

Speaking from experience - this is true - it is a
tortured life. How can you fully realize your
potential and also fully "live" in the world - you
can't unless you have a disposable income or you have
someone that will keep you grounded. That person has
to be an incredibly understanding person that will put
themself out more often than not.

Ok - I have been rambling for quite some time. I
spent many too much time on giving supporting
information and almost lost the point I was trying to
make - which contradicts something you heard about
Manic-depression. It is called hyper-focusing. This
is when only a single thought consumes a person. This
is to the extent that they will not hear conversations
going on around them, may forget to eat, they become
so absorbed on this one thing that even all the other
random thoughts that usually fill their head are
silenced. It is in this "mode" that someone can stay
focused on one thing without the need for change. If
they are not able to complete it however - it might
drive them insane.

Ok - I haven't commented on a lot of things you just
touched on in your post - as always - if you want to
hear what I think about something specifically - just
drop me a note.

I am going to write now!

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From: limbic_region Date: July 20th, 2003 07:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
What lunatic wrote all that?
jonlikyou From: jonlikyou Date: July 22nd, 2003 09:13 am (UTC) (Link)

I understand

I want you to be happpeeeeeee.

I will be the caring/understanding/patient one.

ya tebya lyublyu, moy miliy angel.
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