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QUESTION - a world of possibility

What is your definition of "soul" - as in the thing that is the core of being, not as in music, or anything else it may be considered?

I've looked in the dicitionary, so I don't want one of those definitions, I want what it -or something similar (spirit, essence, etc.) means to you.

So far, my favorite (from the dictionary) is a combination of

"The central or integral part; the vital core"
"an animating, separable, surviving entity, the vehicle of individual personal existence"

thank you :)

I hope you all be wonderful.

back to typing for me.

*and she's off*
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saint_monkey From: saint_monkey Date: June 27th, 2003 06:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
the soul, as i see it, is a miracle of the electrochemical... a reaction of brain chemistry, imprineted in a pleasant way on a network of neurons. a fragile thing. a wonderful thing. when we die, it will be gone, out like a light, but that shouldn't bother us... all things are unmanifest in their beginnings, manifest in the middles, and unmanifest at the ends.
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