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con: I'm having qualms with snapfish and therefore want to make sure… - a world of possibility
con: I'm having qualms with snapfish and therefore want to make sure the photos show up in order to know if I need to mention this in my customer support e-mail.

pro: I'm actually putting a few photos up from my trip to meet my warm fuzzy soul.

As soon as I'm finished with this, it's stretching, breakfast, and back to my story! (I'm on page 10 or 11 - depending what you count).

this works best if you widen your screen so that 2 pictures are next to each other - at least for the first few.

The one on the right, besides the fact that the man in the background looks like he's coming out of his butt, I like the picture :)

beeker -like from the muppets - rooster 01 and 02 (aka polish roosters)

this would be the butt of a peacock. That was one attention starved peacock. Jon had to distract him so I could get a picture of his butt. The fuzzy whit stuff looks like really soft feathers in person (instead of the blur here). BUT you can see his head through his feather which I think is kinda kewl.

had to do a front view as well.

you can't realy see (which irks me - so I will be attempting to scan a better version at home once get the printed versions) but the guy on the motor cycle has a fluffy stuffed animal backpack on. I found this thoroughly amusing!.

there's some more that are fun as well, but I've already procrastinated my writing (and breakfast says me tummy) too long.

I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful day!
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