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Got home and was happy. Good stuff happening. For some reason got… - a world of possibility
Got home and was happy. Good stuff happening.

For some reason got sudden icky feeling. Going to just push past it.

There is this one woman who calls and just talks - she has a time limit. She kept calling back today. I feel bad that someone feels they have no where else to turn and feel so lonely they call a crisis hotline constantly some days. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

There were lots of prank calls as usual.

There is also something weird happening in the past week or so (it happened last week as well). People are getting our number on their caller ID when other companies call.

One guy called up and was like "who is this" all angry.
I of course state that I am wondering who it is he is trying to reach.
He says the number he dialed and asks if this is us.
I say yes (it is) and ask who he's trying to reach again.
He again states the number. Asking who he has reached.
"This is a crisis hotline"
"Thank you" - in angry muffled voice, ready to hang up.
I then realize he is one of those calls (because we are not actually supposed to answer questions or give names or a whole lot of other stuff - so I was initially dealing with him as if he were a crisis caller). I ask if he was calling a company from his caller ID.
"Sir, actually this has been happening a lot lately. For some reason our number is showing up when other companies make calls. We are a crisis hotline and cannot actually make outgoing calls. We only take incoming calls"
He is still angry and ready to hang up. I explain how he can find out who was actually calling and then he hangs up - still angry.

I wasn't surprised when he called back again (but got another crisis worker) but was happy to know he actually listened that time.

People are quite amusing. One lady called and the crisis worker next to me answered. The lady was screaming" I want you to stop calling me. I want you to stop calling me. I want you to stop calling me" over and over, accenting different words each time. The crisis worker had to say "ma'am" I'm not sure how many times before the lady stopped and listened to her. In fact I think she had to say "ma'am it's not us calling you" over the woman 3 or 4 times before it went into the woman's head, LOL.

ok, enough about that

Talked with my sweetie jonlikyou (Ya tebyA lyublyU SOlnyshko moya) for a few seconds when I walked in the door. It made me smile. He's going out with some friends for dinner tonight. I'm glad - not because I don't want to talk with him - our nightly phone calls make my day - but because he should get out! He deserves more of a life than just me and work. I hope he has fun. I mean I'll still get my phone call, it'll just be a bit shorter - which I can deal with once in a while.

Asked 2 more people questions in LJ. Hope to finish the rest soon, but the majority of my time goes into my story,

lizzie borden
low key

which is what I am about to do!

plus I should attempt to pack some.

I'm going to MD
I'm going to MD sung to the tune of neener neener
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