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People are inconsiderate sometimes.

I guess it means I just wasn't supposed to do it for some reason, but people bug me!

I got a phone call asking me to audition for a shakespeare company that goes to schools to do performances and does workshops with the kids as well. It was a pay job, I would've gotten to work with kids (bonus for my goals in psychology), I would've been doing SHAKESPEARE. The only downside would've been relocating to conneticut from Oct-MAy.

Well, stupid me decides to be considerate and ask what dates the winter break will be so I won't be leaving them stranded - aka "Is it worth my and your time for me to audition, can I actually do the commitment and keep it fully and to the best of my ability?" since I am going away with my folks at the end of december/beginning of january for a week and it's already paid for.

She says call back at 1:30pm and she will have found out for me.

I call at 1:39PM

ME "Hello, I was told to call back to find out the dates of the winter break"
Her "Oh, yes. Elissa Barron"
Me " yes"
Her "I'm sorry, we just filled up all the audition spots"
me, all confused "oh," pause "ok"
Her " thank you, have a good day" (or something like that, my mind went bye bye)

You;d think if you tell someone to call you back you would HOLD A SPOT FOR THEM!!!!


eh, ok, sucks but there's nothing I can do

back to writing

In good news - I'm on page 3 4 of my story. It takes longer than it used to for me to type because I want to look stuff up and get exactly what I want in there rather than just making due. Tis ok though b/c I am enjoying it.

OK, better end here for fear of falling out of my writing/typing zone - which takes me a while of futzing to get into, lol.

I hope everyone is well
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