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PICTURES - a world of possibility
Hmmm, lets see if this works.

This is my sister. I took this picture as part of my final project. It looks better in person (duh) because I kinda had to make it smaller in order to put it on a disk. Same with all the other pictures.

By the way, nerminky is now my word for "coincidence" that isn't actually one. Like this nerminky happened today, it was all leading to so and so. Or wahtever. I said I'd eventually make up a name for it, LOL.

If you get one of those little boxes with a red "X" right click with your mouse and scroll to "show picture". :)

So . . .

OK, so this does NOT seem to be working. Apparently they don't like my pictures or the sites don't like each other so . . .You can see them all Here

More from my photography class.

More from my photography class.

A drawing I did and eventually colored and even put sparkles on parts of it. I wish I
had a pitcture of it colored in. It was bright and pretty.

Another drawing of mine.

One of my self portraits for my photography class.

A painting I did which I REALLY wish I had kept. It was about 3 feet by 5 feet (or
something like that). I gave it to the guy I was with for 3 years, kinda regret that.

A realy blurry pic of my tattoo.

More Photography class pictures.

And yet more.

Photography class again. OK I'm just typing P.C.




P.C. And, yes, it IS supposed to be blury, LOL. I was attempting to
develope one image on top of another, but it wasn't working EXACTLY
how I wanted, so I got frustrated and gave up. I still think it looks kewl

This was an article I published on a website called themestreme which no longer exists. I came across it (and a few more I think I will eventually scan also) and felt like posting it. Hopefully it can be read. :)

Eventually I will get more pictures/images/old articles and maybe even my story that I never finished. Hmmm. Maybe I'll even put on some more pictures of myself.

If any of these are not showing up (as it seems to be doing for me) You can see them all Here

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Current Music: lisa loeb - stay

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From: mangomama Date: November 4th, 2001 07:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
very nice... i would love to see a clearer pic of your cool tattoo... and that painting you gave to your fellow... is beautiful!
From: pixie_lv Date: November 5th, 2001 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm afraid I can't see the pics...... unless I right click, then to properties, copy the file location and go there!!
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