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ACK - a world of possibility
OK, so lots has happened, where to start?

There was a big drama, that is now sorted through with the business people which has resulted with me having a house guest while she's in the city. If you want more of an explanation on here - tough. If you want more otherwise, ask (it's really not exciting).

Went to Ahvi and BadTart''s love eh lee Wine Women & Thongs and it went a lil something like this. yeah, I'm a slacker, lol.

Oh, and if you want a guys perspective quick peek here. He was a good sport as was his love eh lee other half :)

I had a wonderful time and met many wonderful people and saw many wonderful people I already know :) THANK YOU for a terrific time! (running out of verbal, diction, wordy stuff, brain has gone to bed).

So, spent 4 hours of today roaming the streets for a promotion (and being paid well may I add - yay-), which btw is for the taste of new york in times square on June 16th, anyone wanna go?, and walked my butt off. This was good since I had baklavah for breakfast and ate way way way too many sweets at the afore-mentioned party, but bad because my foot now hurts.

To give you an idea of how far I walked . . .
This will only make sense to those who know NY

42 S t- 56 St on 8th ave
56 St - 42 St on 7th Ave
42 St - 56 St on 6th Ave
56 St - 49 St between 6th and 9th Ave

Yeah I went home and stuffed my face! The one one time I think I am glad I had something more than cereal for breakfast (which usually causes me to be hungry and hour afte rI eat, but is good to get my system going in the morning)

So it must've been a very amusing site watching me walk to the grocery store limping.

I go to my meeting with New School tomorrow followed by an audition I am VERY much looking forward to (Shakespeare and some of the performance are in ENGLAND!)

Hopefully all of this will be preceded by a doctors trip in the morning, otherwise I will be limping through the audition - it would be at least amusing right?

I hope to see melebeth (don't ask my why this is the only LJ name I actually used b/c I have no idea) Wednesday and finally open my lilo and stitch DVD as well as have a giggly girl night with cooking and all.

My "odd" mood has gotten better. I think this was just the I was the focus of many overwhelming things, or to put it simpler

friend was having trouble with school stuff
drama between business people
was feeling like a sloth myself - didn't even want to leave my apartment
warm fuzzy boy had stuff happening in his part of the world
another friend was feeling down
brother got into a car accident (don't worry he's completely ok)

and I was completely drained of any energy to push myself aka motivation

had many flashbacks to much learning I've had from before and eep, I'm gonna babble if I keep typing.

I am seeing warm fuzzy soul in 3 days!!!

ok, body says BED

g;night, sleep well

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

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