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I'm not sure if I did everything right, but . . . here is my… - a world of possibility

I'm not sure if I did everything right, but . . . here is my "ljmatch" thingy

magpiegeese 98%
low_key 98%
jen_rocks 98%
nolf 98%
violetlovestars 95%
musus 91%
corto 89%
lordrexfear 88%
sassenach 84%
melebeth 82%
mauri 76%
sextonfurnival 75%
weetanya 66%
How compatible with me are YOU?

In other news, Hunter College has been dropped from my list - the woman with whom I met was incredibly rude and apparently very near the top of the food chain, if not the top . . . So they will not be getting my money or presence.

My tops choice is Still the New School. My experience with them so far has been really good.

In still other news, I had a really really odd dream last night

So in my dream I was a superhero - not in the beginning though. The beginning was me walking to the subway, or transportation TO the subway.

No, no, that's wrong

OK, so there is this girl I am friends with, whom I haven't actually heard from in a while (note to self) and she is shorter than myself and usually smiley and cheery like myself and we had finished some class or something and we were riding these things that were similar to the standing scooters that they have now, except they were made out of something else, maybe fabric (yeah, I don't dream logistically) and you open it p and it's kind of like a sail except it doesn't necessarily need wind - but it looks like it catches wind when you are on it and it is moving.

So she and I get to the end of the hall (school? I dunno) and I thought she was going to take her scooter thing all the way home, but she opts for a cab. I can't afford and don't want to pay for one even if I could afford a cab. Unfortunately, this means I don't get to take the little sail scooter home because it's not so safe to walk (or other) the route home by yourself, and I head to wherever the transportation to the subway is.

I get on and after looking around and there is no one else there I get freaked out. The woman who gave me the directions to the bus - type thing that takes you to the subway is in there and an older man - like way older.

Well, I don't remember if they said anything or I just got a feeling but I ended up opening the door and jumping out while the vehicle was moving. The vehicle immediately stopped and they chased me.

We were in this mulch type stuff, but not mulch, because it wasn't wood chips, it was more like, I'm not sure, something else you use for planst but not soil, it wasn't as dense as soil. And I keep going underneath and basically trying to do the equivalent of swimming if it were water and eventually get around a corner where they can't see me which leads to actual water, but they have caught on by then.

I noticed when I was in the water that there was an alligator (this image was probably b/c while waiting in line for my new phone at circuit city the other day they sowed this image of an alligator just sitting there with it's mouth open, they ten showed a turtle which I think was sittin on eggs - alligator was probably waiting for them to hatch and dinner to walk into his mouth, but I could be mistaken) and I'm thinking "yay". Not the normal response when someone sees an alligator, lol.

So I'm being grabbed and held underwater by the lady, and eventually I take a breath, thinking " if I took a bigger breath before, I could've held it longer" meanwhile I;m still underwater - It's like 1/2 of me realizes it's a dream but decides not to tell the other 1/2.

So I'm underwater and I'm sending energy or something to the alligator towards the old guy - who is on his way as well - to attack the old guy. This leads to the woman letting go of me to help the guy.

I then run up these steps and out of the water and just start running.

The old guy ends up dieing, though he tried to catch me again, and I let him because I realize that with the wound he has he will be dead soon, and he is.

I'm not sure how, but the next part(s) of my dream I was sitting at this table with a good number of people, and the time is a little outdated, but - ok I'm just going to be a bit distract, b/c
A: I'm not going to be able to describe it and do it justice
B: parts of it are going and coming, the remnants are slowly fading away leaving me with less and less
C: I am now rushing b/c someone is coming over - to be explained later in a locked entry.

what was so weird was
- I had other powers, like going into the past/future/ other parts of the world.
-one part was that my cousin - ok, one of my cousins (I have many) hands me this disk and says to go get candy b/c she had given me a candy corn and I wanted more and she said that was all she had but I could go get more with that disk. so . . . I leave, flying, and am in an entirely other place and float up to this window, stick the disk into the disk drive that is facing away from the window, reach down and grab the bag of candy corn that as appeared (which I don't see it form, I only feel that it wasn't there and then is) then eject the disk and say goodbye to the people who have'nt yet taken into account that I am floating, but am amused at the tought of when this will happen - which will be only when I am long gone - and get into a car and fly back to where we were.

I share some of the candy corn with the people who were at the table and then grab my cousin and we head to the next place, which is a plane that is crashing (or something weird like that), or maybe I came back and that was where I picked her up from, and we had to go through a door, and she kept being like "wait" all the way too the door, because she didn't believe she would make it, and I told her to just close her eyes (thank the universe that she did b/c otherwise we would've gone down with the rest of the plane) .

The next place we appeared was on a rollercoaster ride, aleady seated, and the dream ended soon after we got off of the ride and were walking through some tunnel, but I don't believe I was with my cousin anymore, but with someone else, someone a good deal smaller than myself - not sure who though, all I remember is the difference in size was great.

OK, must get off here, friend will be here soon, story to follow later to be entitled 'too much drama'.

I hope everyone is well.
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