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A funny little story - a world of possibility
A funny little story
I am catching up on many things today, including some e-mails (this one is fairly old)

and my friend was telling of a not so funny while it was happening but funny now hearing (or reading) it re-told.

So opening weekend of Little Shop went well, thank God. It was fraught with tension right up until the actors took their final bows on Opening Evening because Thursday's show (final preview) was apparently a disaster. There is one point in the show where Seymour (Hunter Foster) gets eaten by the plant after climbing inside its mouth and attempting to hack the creature to bits. It's all highly technical, what with the design of the plant and all, so both actors and puppeteers are all working together in the hopes that all the scenes go well and nobody gets hurt. But it has been a real gamble thus far; on Thurday, Hunter couldn't get inside the plant at the proper moment because some apparatus in the mouth was preventing him from doing so. All he could do was sort of dance around the plant for a long time as the music just kept ad libbing and building. At last came the moment when he was finally able to climb into the plant, but some apparatus inside nearly crushed him, so in the middle of the performance the audience suddenly hears Hunter inside the plant screaming, "Stop!! No! It's going to crush me!"

Mortification abounded among the cast and crew. I'm not sure if the audience knew exactly what was happening, but there were a goodly amount of people on the production side who didn't sleep Thursday night. But opening night the following evening went well.

OK, back to work

I hope everyone is well

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