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Adventure Girl - a world of possibility
Adventure Girl
So a little less than 2 days after returning from home (MD) Pyxie becomes adventure girl.

So, just to show how crazy Pyxie is, and how glad she was that once again her special perception, or some may call instincts, were right - she had not met this person before "in real life" and yet she agreed to fly to Chicago and spend 4 days out there - in a hotel of course. Which the day of she was very seriously thinking of just not getting on that plane - but she did and had a wonderful time.

End cut 1

This will be much shorter than the weekend home (MD)

So adventure girl arrives, scared to death that some creepy old guy will be awaiting her at baggage claim and is extremely relieved to instead find a smiling face that reminds her of a mix between 2 friends (who remind her of each other ) as well as a young version of her uncle - though this connection she did not make until she saw a photo of him without facial hair much further into the weekend.

And they were off.

She stayed in a hotel that was way too nice (it even had a dishwasher and was almost as big as her apartment!)

So an overview of the weekend . . .

packed full of events and I thoroughly enjoyed the company, conversations, and experience

quick note: proof of ghosts because of blind experiment by William Dobelle, I will explain later

more detailed
*closed 3 restaurants
*Great America
*Navy Piers
*>Ed Debevic's - a restaurant where the schtick is that the waiters are a bit rude - but in a joking manner, and hopefully you know this before going there, lol Ren Faire people would LOVE this place - and at certain points they getup and dance on the counter as well as a platform in these window type things of the walls between 2 rooms - though I was told on some nights they can get wild and get on tables. I liked our waiter, he was fun.
*An Irish or Gaelic Festival - which I wish we had gone to earlier so as to have heard more of the bands
*Crabtree Nature Center a forest preserve nature center wher eI wish I had brought my camera and could have spent hours in with just a book, a camera, and myself - and maybe a blanket or towel.
*Green Mill OR more info about Green Mill where I heard my first poetry slam and met some interesting people. Followed by the only night we didn't close a restaurant only for the fact that it was opened all night, lol.
*Cantigny Park (pronounced canteeny). A War musuem as well as tanks that you can climb on - though not in - and the mansion of Colonel Robert R. McCormick former editor & publisher of the Chicago Tribune.

There were lots of things here and there that were amusing or tidbits of information that was shared and interesting, but there was way too much for my brain to handle, lol.

Though I will share one funny story. We were walking by the water and making some comment about the people in the boat and I hear someone talking, I thought to us. I turn around and see the dumpster, so I figure I misheard, then I heard "yeah you" - but my friend only heard someone talking that sounded like it was coming from a walky talky - not what it said. I walk over to the dumpster to hear whatever it says next thinking some kid is playing a joke and that they are sitting somewhere nearby put the walkie talkie in the dumpster. My friend then tells me that there is a box behind the dumpster that gets the channel of some cop conversations - or something like that - but not until after making fun of me for hearing voices or claiming there is a "talking dumpster" and pretending he did not hear anything.

end cut 2

from the airport . . .

As stated in conversation this weekend I think there are many people I could be happy with - I think almost anyone can be happy together with enough effort but @ the same time there are others with whom you just click much better.

<-------insert now comment--------> I was thinking about that because I had a wonderful weekend, and originally it was intended to see if there was anything else there between us as well as just meet b/c there is a possible acting relationship - may explain one day, but not currently since I do not know where it stands. </now>

warm fuzzy soul called me while I was at Irish fest. I'm scared to death of this and at the same time I want it really badly and feel it is right. So I'll see how it goes from ere and how my visit with him goes.

Adventure girl sits contemplating life and love - two things imortant in the world, but love has scarred her deeply and she fears it with a passion for it just befuddles and confuses her running her in circles - or so it feels, but from birdseye view others may realize it's a spiral - she can see the reflection of her past and she has grown and broadened her perspective while not forgetting the lessons learned.

While Adventure girl sits reminiscing and reflecting she is joined by overly engaged seating neighbor with unconsiously poison breath.

Adventure girl - pretending not to notice, pretending to be enraptured in her music and writing - takes note of the enemy seat neighbor putting his hand on the separation between them.

OK, he took it back, but still stare, it is the random interval "I'm not being obvious" but actually looking too much not to be stare.

Adventure girl, tempted to turn and state "would you like some fries with that?" with complete sincerity, completely re-directing the enemy, does not and instead giggles maniacially in her head as she already knows the expression tat would come of that and knows this action and comment would be mean and wrong.

Adventure girl has regained some of her creativity - probably from her friend.

Since recently having read Insomniac and the idea of energy or "auras"and the possibility(ies) of taking it from others -as w/ all her friends - she fears that she has possibly stolen some of his energy.

Luckily she also has read Celestine Prophecy and remembers the idea of energy - ultimate infinite energy - from the universe and by giving you receive and even though others may not know, believe, or understand this concept - which would explain her feeling of being drained after the weekend w/ her friend since as much as he is a good person and has good energy his nerves - or maybe just personality- lead him to not being comfortable with silence, needing to fill the space with words which engages adventure girls need to be the best person she can be and therefore trying her best to give her attention whenever her is talking which is equivalent to her giving him energy

but since she is not fully learned at receiving energy from the universe - the ultimate source - by choice at a seconds notice whenever she feels like it, but instead needs time to replenish her eneryand spent almost 4 full days (about 17 or so hours every day) with her friend she is drained and looking to recoup.

Hopefuly warm fuzzy soul will understand the importance of silence and energy.

NOW . . .

for a bit aftter I left I was a little worried and re-thinking me happiness possiblity statement and wondering if in fact my friend was a good choice - or the if it was in actuallity the deceotion of sharing so much time with anyone leads you to feeling close to them when you previously hadn't. I mean, yes, time is always a factor, but I don't think it changes the initial intent. I thinkit's a deception.

After reading a friends recent entry, melebeth to be specific and talking with warm fuzzy soul, I was reminded what I enjoy from him and many of my friends so much and why I believe this deception statement - the silliness. I didn't get the sillyness with him. He may have it within him, but for whatever reason he does not let it out.

I need the sillyness and thoroughly enjoy it.

end cut 3

So what am I looking forward to this week?
*meetings with college counselors about their psychology programs
*seeing a friends band play and the company within that event
*sewing a bit - aka business stuff
*having a girls night

Basically getting some of my life together in a bigger more prominent and more obviously impacting way.

I hope everyone is well


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