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Quick funny - a world of possibility
Quick funny
Unscheduled Interruption of the day for this amusing little strp God Mode.

No not THAT kind of strip, a comic strip.

This was found in pax_industria's journal thanx to them being a friend of saphyne

This person's journal, in coalition with recent comments made by melebeth and numerous conversings with a warm fuzzy soul of mine leads me to crave more silliness, creativity, and stories in, well not only my journal, but my life in general.

So . . . expect silliness, randomness, and non-sensical, non-reality based or skewed reality based entries sometimes.

OK, back to Headshot & Resumes.


not that anyone will be as extremely and utterly excited as myself about this, but one of the kitties ~ actually the most overly sweet and forgiving one (the vet even agreed when I took her and he was like futzing with her mouth and doing all sorts of weird things to her, some that were even painful and I had to turn around, he said almost any other cat would have tried to bite him by then where as she, my love eh lee sweet kitty, was just rubbing and purring on his arms as soon as he finished the mean stuff -as if nothing bad had occured) use the toilet seat that is on top of their litter box properly last night!!!!

YAY. One down

two to go!

And don't read that wrong, I love all my kitties. They just have different personalities.

Eep longer entry than expected.

I hope everyone is wonderful.

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arkos From: arkos Date: May 14th, 2003 02:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
When are you going to be back this way?
picoland From: picoland Date: May 15th, 2003 08:29 am (UTC) (Link)
happy birthday!
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