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Currently waiting for my CD to burn I've had an interesting day. I… - a world of possibility
Currently waiting for my CD to burn

I've had an interesting day.

I only got some of the stuff done which I wanted to.

oh, before I forget

These are pictures from the b-day party saturday taken by the love eh lee laughingirl and here are the lack of stalking spiderman pictures. I love the clothesline ones.

ok, back on track

so I went to my audition and ended up monitoring it because the person didn't show and they offered $. What can I say? I'm needing spending money badly.

I did get some of the important stuf done though and will be going to the post office to send things tomorrow instead.

I do have to call UPS first thing in the morning because I will not be home all day as I formerly thought

-which takes me right round to my CD

at the ballet tonight, which the performers were a bit nervous because not all their timing was on time, but enjoyable just the same (especially w/ good company who invited me melebeth ), whom mentioned that I would make a good "Dorothy" and so got me all re excited about the audition I was going to miss tomorrow that I had decited (need a better made up word) myself about. So now I must go even though I really don't have much of a chance being a non practicing singer who still has a long way to go voice wise.

I like good friends. I need hope to work more on my old monologues and practice my new ones so as to be more confident as I know I can be, but only am when random mood strikes me currently.

OK, I think I will just let the CD burn while I sleep since I do not feel like waiting and need some sleep if I am going to learn some of the words to some of the songs (I'm also recording the patsy cline songs and some West Side Story b/c the group is doing multiple musicals and I need patsy cline for another audition).

eep it actually finished. That was quick!

and off to dreamland!

I hope everyone is well

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melebeth From: melebeth Date: May 13th, 2003 05:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Weird Synchronicities...

You know how I mentioned that we'd seen them setting up a Spiderman shot on tuesday???

THAT was the shot they were setting up. I recognize the site - only there was no laundry there when we saw it!!!
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