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Let's see how quickly Elysa can type this and if she's focused enough to get straight through - a world of possibility
Let's see how quickly Elysa can type this and if she's focused enough to get straight through
<----insert realization here---> ok, so, this is really long. I thought of my cousin. She had once said that when I write her e-mails I should itemize em so she could read what she was interested and know where it was. Kind did that - put each thing as an LJ -cut. Hopefully it helps a bit. </-----insert>

OK, so yesterday was a very enjoyable day, though I think I am a bit sick today due to the gigantinamours amount of sugar I had between yesterday and Friday (I'm a sugar fiend what can I say?) and lacking of real food with substance.

- (not sure if I had one or two) crepe filled with banana custard style yogurt, strawberries, a little cinnamon, and topped with whipped cream
- warm vanilla soy milk with crepe thrown in and cinnamon and whipped cream on top
- 2 cupcakes
- a slice of chocolate cake
- some ice cream
- a "yo Plait" whipped yogurt orange cream flavor

I think that was it plus a granola cereal that has a ton more sugar than my normal cereal mix.

eep got distracted

soo much for straight uninterrupted progress

anyhow, so after pulling an all nighter Thursday night plus lots of sugar and a looong weekend I was a bit under the weather today and ready to go to sleep real soon. Which lead to just realizing my kitties are incredibly stubborn and I need to be even MORE creative (they are giving me a run for my brain power).

Saturday began with some friends sons birthday party which I thoroughly enjoyed! Everything from the grown ups, to the sugar, to introducing a newbie to an addictive game (*smirk* - minesweeper for those curious), to the kids. I got to be a kid "12 yrs old" apparently was the age designated for me - though for other reasons than how I was acting.

I loved being able to tickle one little girl in particular, or at some points "not" tickling her (you know, "I'm not going to touch you" and you don't, but the closer you get they scream giggly screams anyhow). So it was a wonderfully enjoyable party with great people - even the adults (teasing).

This was followed by a nice drive home (except the scary buses of which there were way too many lined up and not letting people into the lane - just because you are big does not give you the right to be rude and not play by the rules). I think I will always miss driving until I move to somewhere I can actually have a car and not have to pay almost another rent. It also gave me time to think and reflect on some stuff - which I came to a conclusion* today about.

When back in the city I got dropped off with lysabethnyc and another very nice woman namde Linda. We attempted to watch some fliming of the new spiderman movie. I wasn't as interested in the star searching as being out on a Saturday with good company. Though I do have to say there was one kewl thing about Spiderman. They had all these clothes lines with clothes on them between two buildings, you don't see that anymore - you'll see what I'm talking about once Lisa get's her photos up --- which btw I now SO want to go to the botanical gardens after seeing her photos of them!

We had a yummy dinner with a very gay waiter who teased me the entire time. It all started with a glass of "water? Oh, you're one of those girls" LOL. And continued with my getting an appetizer for a meal. What can I say, I was still full from all the sugar an snacks.

I then proceeded home. I was incredibl antsy due to being home and not completely drained of energy on a Saturday - this has not happened since, well probably December. needless to say much energy was sitting there.

After some randomness and getting settled with what I needed to accomplish I got a phone call from pamlin with whom I proceeded to join along with avhi, who btw, I still don't know ANY of the stories behind ANY of your nicknames *cough* *cough*, and even though we did not stay for too long, it was nice to be out with two more good ladies :)

I also added more to my reflecting for which I came to a conclusion* today

Needless to say I came home and CRASHED.

Today, I finished some b-day presents (more similar to the presents for me mum and sister, except I tried something new with two of them. Maybe I'll take pictures if I have time tomorrow) and some random presents. Which, btw, does anyone else randomly do art but not have any room to put it? If so, I would like to start a list of "random art attacks" or something like that. Cause, I'm not sure about you, but I know I love love, love randomly getting stuff from people for no reason. It makes me feel wamr and fuzzy (and hopefully the people getting the stuff will feel the same and not be like " umm, yeah, what's this for?"). Eh, who knows. I don't actually have time to set something like that up, but, I'm throwing the idea out there, maybe someone else will pick it up and be more organized.

ACtually, Quick Random Q - does anyone know where to get really big graph paper? Not the translucent paper that is really fragile, regular thickness but the size is really big (GRAPH PAPER. I repeat GRAPH PAPER - just for those , who, umm, yeeeeah).

Today my mind went through every possible thing I want to, need to, could possibly, and will do now, today, and the near distant future. It needs an off switch sometimes.

Kitties better learn soon. I'm sick of staying inside :P

Ok, so I've been e-mailing with this good person. Part of me, even wiith all the e-mails back and forth, is still holding back and continously telling me it's not true and not possible so don't believe it, etc. And every time said person proves this voice wrong again (yay for warm fuzzy soul). So recently I was thinking about my insecurities with the situation, and just insecurities in general.

While making all the presents today (the art in a box things, I'm too lazy to link to that entry right now, plus I really really really want to be in bed already. Look back if you want, it's only like 3 or 4 entries back I think) I made an extra one for warm fuzzy soul. Between that and some of the things I talk about and suggestions I make in our conversations, I kept thinking " eep, I'm doing too much. I'm going to scare this person away."

Basically, I know that I don't like when someone is too eager about knowing me or knowing me in a certain way or ways and what is to say this person does not feel the same or that they feel this way about me currently or that they will if I send them something?

Well for one it seems to be a mutual feeling, but even that is not a guarantee. There is a balance currently but something can offshoot it. I've seen it happen.

The bigger thing, which came to me today - and I could very well be wrong, and it still may mean nothing, but . . . -- while making all these suggestions and while putting together his fairy box --
I'm not doing this for the purpose of him liking me better.
I'm not doing it for the purpose that I'm insecure he may not like me if I don't do something nice for him.
I'm not doing this for the fear that if I don't do something for him to remember me by, I will be forgotten and mean nothing.

I am doing this because I like doing and and figured he might enjoy having it.

My suggestions are because I enjoy doing these things and think he might as well and if he does, kewl it's a bonding thing. If not, well, kewl, it's a learning thing.

That's all I'll say right now because that's all I know - I was going to say b/c I don't want to jynx it, but realize there is no jynxing or not jynxing, there's just dealing with what you have or don't have, nothing more nothing less.

-write notes to go with presents and go to post office to send them
-make phone calls I was sposed to make Friday
-call about audition appointment (hopefully slots still open)
-work on song for audition Tuesday (I'm crazy if I think I'll actually get the part, but I need to start getting into sing audition mode eventually)
-I'm sure there's other stuff
-meet love eh lee melebeth for the ballet *yay*
-possibly see a band that a friend in Cali recommended if I'm not drained

Some future stuff I'm excited about
-work more on business stuff : mock ups, business plan* (bp), patterns (hence big Graph paper)
-visit home - work on bp with my dad and see family and friends, plus free laundry *sigh*
-voice lessons soon
-see a friends band
-a trip to Chicago
-a trip to see warm fuzzy soul

OK, enough, I can't think straight anymore

OK I am going to SLEEP b/c I have a long day tomorrow - if you were curious you looked at that LJ cut

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has just as wonderful a week

off to dreamland

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lordrexfear From: lordrexfear Date: May 11th, 2003 09:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Graph paper

You may want to try

Only paperie I'm aware with an amazing suppy... other than that, a good hardware store or a home depot.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 13th, 2003 10:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Graph paper

unfortunately they do not seem to have graph paper


but thank you very much for the wonderful attempt :)

as for the other stores, I tried office depot and staples, will need to search more online.

Thanks :)

I hope you be well
melebeth From: melebeth Date: May 12th, 2003 07:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh Miss Sugar Addict...

I was cleaning out my car on saturday morning, and what did I find???

THREE more boxes of little blue marshmallow birdie-num-nums.

I didn't remember to bring them with me to work, but I am NOT taking custody of your sugar!!!!!
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 13th, 2003 10:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
I expect them all to have heads when they are returned! :)~
melebeth From: melebeth Date: May 14th, 2003 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)
What is that line from princess bride again????

"Get used to disappointment."
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 14th, 2003 08:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Well . . .

if you must know

after hearing the story about your friends mom beheading her peeps I thought I should take all avenues to be cautious in getting my peeps back whole

avhi From: avhi Date: May 12th, 2003 09:07 am (UTC) (Link)
You've never heard of Hall & Oates??????? ::falls over:: Damn I'm old.

with avhi, who btw, I still don't know ANY of the stories behind ANY of your nicknames *cough* *cough*,

My dear, my dear, my dear! Well where do I begin?? :evil grin: Hey, you asked for it. :)

Real Life Nicknames:
Cuchi: Family Nickname cause as a baby I always responded well whenever someone tickled me and said 'coochie coochie coo!'
Cuchits: Variation on Cuchi that only my cousin M. uses
Quik: Nickname from my Best Friend, due to the color. She's Leche (Milk) and I'm Quik. It was a joke based on rap/hip hop groups Kid N Play, Nice N Smooth, etc.
BeeGee/Beetlejuice: College pledge name based on my demented sense of humor and my huge grin.
Thalia: Sorority Greek Name. Thalia is the muse of comedy. Need I say more? :)

Online Nicknames
Sheriam: My main Internet Identity. I love this name. Its from the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan (I don't care if she's a darkfriend!). This name actually crosses over to RL because my coven/temple members call me Sheriam on a day to day basis.
Ianthe: This is my Game Master Name in the online game I program. I picked it because it means purple flower in Greek. NOT because of Princess Ianthe (that bitch!) in that DragonPrince Series.
Avhiennda, Faile and Meyene: All based on Robert Jordan characters in the Wheel of Time. Avhiennda should really be spelled Aviendha but it was taken in the game already. Meyene is just my version of Mayene, where Berelain is from. Faile...well...honey that's a whoooole other story there. But the name means Falcon.

Faire/Coven Names
Avhiennda/Avhi: That's what I signed up as in the Wenches Guild cause I was with people from the online game at the time.
TaliaTalia al Ghul (aka Talia Head), daughter of Ras al Ghul (aka Demon Head), Ras was the ultimate enemy of BatMan and Talia just so happened to fall in love with Bruce Wayne and have his son (though he never knew). She's a grey person. aka. evil, but not evil. Being as all members aboard the Merry Bova take on villain names...tada. Talia was born, which is close to Thalia, which is my Greek Sorority Name.
(Lady) Chandara Anath: My Magickal Name. Chandara is Sanskrit for Child of the Moon and is derived from Chandra, God/dess of the Moon. Anath means Power but it also means Chaos. So I'm pretty much Powerful Chaos from this child of the Moon :)

But you can call me Cybil...
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 13th, 2003 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

I feel priveleged now :)

thank you for the wonderful stories.

I hope you be well

8 comments or Leave a comment