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Umm, YO! - a world of possibility
Umm, YO!
So, have you ever stayed up all night?

OR even really late?

Maybe when you were in highschool and had a project due the next day of which you had done about half?

OK, well I have, numerous times - mailny in highschool. The scary part was that was when I did my best work - like when I stayed up until 4am doing a science project - many drawings. Or the time I got up 3 hours early in order to write an AP History paper (which btw, I did MUCH better on than the paper I worked on for about 2 weeks). Or even the last night of camp, everyone stayed up so as to spend all the time they could with all their friends until the next summer, or in the end, forever unless they were REALLY close.

Well recently I have put myself in similar situations twice now. ONce was doing drawings for all the cast members from the REn FAire (I did somewhere in the 30 range and ended up not coloring most of them pffftttthhh). The second time was last night.

Last night I stayed up all night in an attempt to complete operation toilet train kitties. That's a story for later.

My point currently is (and this is supposing you have stayed up all night for a reason) looking in a mirror is very very weird when in this mindframe - at least in my experience. I don't do it on purpose, but when I go to use the bathroom (which this time was more often than usual seeing as how the operation takes place there) and I look up and there is me, my face - but it's not me. I mean, it's me because it looks like me and there's a mirror and so by default it's me. At the same time, that face looking back at me is somehow disconnected.

This only happens with all nighters or a great lack of sleep. Odd

OK, must get back into regular mindframe before typing anything else up or I'm bound to babble about more oddness.

*tee hee*


I hope everyone is well

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lizzie_borden From: lizzie_borden Date: May 9th, 2003 03:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've done that.

I'm an old pro at sleep deprivation, and other than the bursts of "I want to die" I enjoy most of it. You get all wired and tingly and super alert and your brain comes up with the most amazing things. I kinda wish I never had to sleep because going without it is almost like an addictive drug.

As for the "seeing someone else" thing. I got out of bed a few months back after a sleepless night and just happened to glance up at the dresser mirror and I thought "she's pretty, I'd like to look just like her" lol and then it suddenly flashed into my head "what are you thinking??? You ARE her!" LOL and then I didn't like her so much after that *snickers*
But I love not getting enough sleep. I always have great dreams afterwards, and ooooh, I get the most ingenius ideas and images sometimes.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 9th, 2003 04:27 pm (UTC) (Link)

I dunno bout you, but I find my best ideas/images - or at least ones that come in like 2 seconds versus thinking about them over and over and over and only sometimes getting something - come directly before I'm ABOUT to fall asleep.

If I weren't an actor (aka worried about big dark circles) I would do with so much less sleep, I love the, as my friend put it, "euphoric feeling of giddyness" or constant laughing gas

*tee hee*

I hope you be well

From: limbic_region Date: May 10th, 2003 10:08 am (UTC) (Link)


There are two distinct things going on here. The first is staying up all night and getting your best work done. Without getting into specifics (this is your journal not mine), it basically is hyper-focusing. This doesn't need to happen at night - it is more deadline driven then anything else. Personally I would wait until the night before science fair before starting my project - and ended up winning first place in the state science fair and being asked to nationals. This can also be brought on by a myriad of other reasons. Often times heroes in a traumatic situation have slipped into hyper-focus mode and know exactly what to do and when. In any account - this is not something to try and induce on a regular basis - that is if you want to maintain any semblance of sanity - or function in this so called society. If you are interested in more ramblings of the mad man on this - post a note to my journal and then I can go on and on about it :-)

The second thing is about not recognizing yourself in the mirror. This is a truly interesting phenomenon. One that I don't know that much about. As best as I can put it together, you mind is constantly doing three things with your senses. The first is filtering out noise. Noise here isn't audible noise but stuff deemed non-important. This is absolutely required for survival. The other is filling in the blanks when data is missing. The best example of this is in optical illusions. Your mind actually draws in missing information for it to make sense. This is also required for survival. Humans are very adept at making decisions on partial information - and that is one reason why artificial intelligence is so hard. The third is pattern recognition. Humans are also very adept at pattern recognition. Ok - so what does this all have to do with seeing yourself differently in the mirror?

The hyperfocusing has broken down a lot of the functionality listed above. Your brain has come to immediately recognize your own face and produce in your mind the cached image. Much faster and efficient this way. Have you ever gotten ready to go out in the mirror and then 10 minutes later had a friend say you missed something (maybe a spot shaving for a guy or maybe some hair mousse for a girl). Anyway - this is taking way longer than I wanted to. You are seeing yourself in a completely unadulterated fashion. This doesn't happen very often. You might also notice this with life long friends and family members. I remember being on a fieldtrip on a bus once where I was in very deep thought - I was looking ahead at the front of the bus but my mind was looking out into dead space. As I was coming out of this I noticed this beautiful girl sitting in front of me. As my brain began to slip back into "normal" mode - I realized this was a girl I had previously thought of as ugly. How can someone ugly be thought of as beautiful. I was still seeing her pre-puberty where she was overweight and unpopular. Anyway - it was an eye opener. Of course she denied my advances.

Be well my friend - and smile always.
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