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So . . . it seems today is mixed with good and bad, one friend got… - a world of possibility
So . . .

it seems today is mixed with good and bad, one friend got laid off :( and many good thoughts are sent his way.
another got the part she was hoping for in a play within a Ren Faire

I will be staying up all night and hopefully completing the toilet training process.

I found out that I cannot patent my product because, low and behold, victoria's secret came out with my idea (of sorts) pffthhh
I'm still going ahead with the business and have a few tricks up my (well our - since I have people working on it with me who seem to be incredibly nice as well as smart) sleeve(s). The first sample was created and the idea(s) we have seem like they will work. YAY

I am also very much looking forward to
a) seeing friends this weekend
b) starting auditions next week again full fledge
c) going somewhere with my business now that there is time
d) some trips planned in the near future (3 to be specific)

for those who have ever played D&D or any similar game or even understand the lingo a friend of mine posted something that made me laugh incredibly hard

Click me. Click me" in order to read it.

OK, off to return my warm fuzzy soul e-mail as well as cook some meatballs and then horror DVD fest (well I gotta do something while staying up all night).

*hugs* and good thoughts to all.
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