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surprises today - a world of possibility
surprises today

Umm, so I'm flipping through one of my journals that I began using fo some of my business plan writing and what do I find? $100 bill, 3 $5 bills and 3 $2 bills!!! I completely forgot that I used to put money in my journal soemtimes (a few years ago).

This was after having a wonderful experience at the post office (surprise right?). There was this guy - close to my age, probably between 24-28 - who was there with his mother and - basically this was the scenario, I saw them walking down the street and then they walked into the post office - I had passed them, but they still ended up in fornt of me in line because when I got there I had to try every pen before I found one that worked, lol.

So they're standing there in line and his mother is holding his hand in one hand and a stick in the other - being basically blind, her glasses were so thick that in profile they were a semi-circle instead of just a little bit curved like most glasses. She was talking - which I couldn't understand the majority of, and his responses were in sign language in her hand. She would feel the letters that he signed. He didn't get frustrated, he didn't look annoyed, he just had a conversation with her like it were a normal thing with such wonderful patience - even when he had to repeat it a few times because she didn't understand.

Then, and I felt sooo bad for them, when they finally got to the front of the line, they were told they had been in the wrong line. Instead of getting upset, he just sighed and went patiently to the next line. That warmed my heart to see good people like that.

So yeah, that made me smile :)

OK, back to the rest of my day

I hope everyone is well.
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