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Eep - a world of possibility
Brain has gotten loose.

If found please return to owner at block 3 of la la land in universe giddy, perky, upbeat, next door to psychotic (but fun) ward.

although you may keep the slobbery adoring hyper part if you like. I only need the concentration part and it would be nice to have the snuggle part.

Anyhow, so a few updates with what's going on in my life . . .

Had the call back fro NYRF (New York Renaissance Faire) and will not find out till Friday or Monday (most likely monday). did not due my best due to being extremely nervous -more so then usual (no clue why, actually that's not completely true). It was fun whatever the end result may be.

From this weekend: Note to boys, pushy and puppy dog obsessive is not attractive when we do not know you, even when we know you it may or may not be attractive depending on the person and how your personalities mesh. So, next time you find yourself enjoying someones company instead of think of every "what if" down the line (like marriage, that's a bit rushing it -exageration but you get the point) step back, take a deep breath, and just be yourself. NOTE: if you have given said girl more than 3 compliments in 5 minutes you are puppy-dogging.

In good boy news I have been e-mailing with nice boy. I have yet to meet him (he lives about 2 hours away) but he has all the right answers (not that there are "right" answers, but there are some that fit me better than they fit the next person). I am anxious, nervous, and yet quite content and happy. yumm. I would like to meet him at some point, but no time currently.

In other news I sent out some resumes last night for a "job" job (I need spending money) and have an interview tomorrow and might have another one next week. For the past few weeks I have been training to massage as a part-time job, which I will continue until I a) get another job that conflicts or allows me to do both b) finish training and get paid c) get a paying acting job that conflicts or allows me to do both. My only issue with any sort of job will be having to re-arrange my volunteering schedule.''

On another note with the massaging I had all sorts of issues in the beginning (hence no mention of it at all). I wasn't sure if it was a good practice or something that had sexual connotations - but I like to have as open a mind as possible, so I figured I'd give it a look see. After some issues with myself - thank you for the talk musus - and not sure if my doubts and thoughts towards the guy teaching it were valid or due to the massage that I got (we are all partnered with another girl whom we practice on/ they practice on us) that got rid of tension that I've had for years (yep, never really gotten many massages, let alone ones that actually do something more than just feeling good) and therefore putting me in a very awxkward emotional state (it's my belief tension and relieving of it is very closely connected to emotions). Anyhow, currently it is all good and I have gotten rid of my fears (yay).

Friday I have an audition for Sex in the City. I'm not sure what to make of that but will let you all know how it goes.

I made a gift for me mum for mothers day and me lil sister for a VERY belated b-day (she got other stuff, so this was in addition). It's not what I originally planned to make, but any caly other than "real" clay (like that kind that needs to be fired) sux for little detailed projects. I'll post pictures in a bit. They're not the best, but they'll give an idea.

Ready to start my secret project (YAY) not that melebeth has free time and we no longer have Stockwood rehearsals.

I haven't gotten too far on that business plan. Hopefully I will get some help from me dud on the car ride up (yay I get to ride with them up to Stockwood). A good deal of it will need to be done after the samples to include pricing and selling numbers etc.

OK, I'm going to try and get a few things done (?) maybe even though my mind can't focus.

I hope you are all well

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From: limbic_region Date: April 30th, 2003 06:38 pm (UTC) (Link)

Puppy Dogging

I claim a personal exemption when it comes to you - you can not hold me accountable if I have no ability to stop myself ;-)

hope you are well - sorry I couldn't make it to Stockwood
moowazz From: moowazz Date: May 5th, 2003 10:24 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Puppy Dogging


you know me silly

I hope you are well and am very excited for you and your trip.
corto From: corto Date: April 30th, 2003 07:20 pm (UTC) (Link)



yup... I'm 'well'.

And happy to be keeping up with you.
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