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Exhausted, but incredibly content :) - a world of possibility
Exhausted, but incredibly content :)
So I just finished an e-mail to a friend who currently makes me feel warm and fuzzy - *knock* *knock* on desk -.

So, I didn't realize how much this weekend drained me of energy. I got home last night, didn't even unpack, saw my TV show was not on and the later time was a repeat so I proceeded straight to bed without collecting so much as 1 e-mail and crashed hard and fast (yeah, yeah, bad possible punn for those who have too much horomones, lol).

After about 12 hours of sleep I woke up, checked e-mail but did not reply, stretched, ate breakfast, and a few hours later found I had fallen asleep in my chair. I then proceeded to go back to my bed b/c chair =/= comfy for neck and back. So, now with a total of 15+ hours sleep (not including nap) I am almost caught up, lol.

For extended reports of this weekend, you can check the following journals. Pam aka "Molly" the irish tart (but don't tell her that)or Elizabeth/Beth aka Ivana the quick witted and amusing russian inventor/pickpocket.

I had a wonderful weekend and at the same time am glad to be almost caught up on sleep, have some alone time, and see my love eh lee kitties whom I thoroughly missed. I'm looking forward to next weekend!

Incredibly wonderful and talented people in the cast even with all the drama(s) and often overly horomoned people. Underneath it all they have big hearts and good intentions which makes me smile.

Maybe more later, maybe not, lol.

I hope everyone is wonderful. I am back to dreamland (this is assuming I have the energy to dream)


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